Felix Kjellberg, or ‘PewDiePie’ – the YouTube king himself is firing shots at ‘Soulja Boy’ - an American rapper with a recently-unveiled knock-off console. Previously, the guy has removed his own gaming systems from the online store in the last month of 2018.

Pewdiepie Mocks Soulja Boy
Pewdiepie Mocks Soulja Boy for his yet another knock-off consoles.

Pewdiepie's Sarcasm

Pewds talked over the mess in a segment called ‘Pew News’ on Jan 17th. In which he thought that Soulja Boy had switched towards using Sony’s systems. This happened after the fact that the rapper was facing legal actions from Nintendo because of prior console line.

Pewds and many others believed that Soulja Boy should have learned his lesson after the debacle with Nintendo. But no, he didn’t stop. And now, he’s coming to Sony. “It’s Sony time, everybody”! PewDiePie also mentioned the price of the rapper’s system, currently sitting at $99, a marked-down price from the normal $200 price.

PewDiePie sarcastically said that there’s no reason to buy a product at $33 when you totally can get the exact one named ‘SouljaGame’ at $99.99. Keep in mind that the unauthentic system was on sale for only $30 from another available website. Why pay $30 when you can pay triple the price - Pewds asked.

SouljaBoy's Response

Soulja Boy has then responded to this situation regarding his latest product. In an Instagram story posted on Jan 14th, the guy claimed that his systems and products are “original”. He also revealed the big money he has made from the SouljaGame, his profits totaled over $375,000 over 2 weeks.

However, Soulja Boy’s website is currently unavailable at the date of Jan 18th. This could be a hint that legal actions have been taken against the SouljaGame store, after copying the PS Vita from Sony’s.

Souljawatch Website Taken Down January 18
This is what happened when you try to visit Souljawatch website.