Minecraft is truly a magical world, where anything can be built. So far, we have seen a 1:1 scale Mount Everest, Hogwarts, New York City, and a rainbow of things in between. Youtuber Jeracraft once more proves that the sky is the limit in this famous sandbox game with his 7 ongoing year project!

Jeracraft is not a strange name for Minecraft players out there, especially those who are into building things. He makes videos and tutorials on how to create some of the best virtual wonders that the Minecraft realm has ever witnessed.

Kingdoms Of Greymane Archer
Kingdoms Of Greymane has been online for 7 years

His project, Kingdoms of Greymane, started out all the way back in 2012. In the beginning, it was already a beautiful island with docks, a fortress, castles,... Everything is perfect down to the smallest detail. However, this project also underwent constant renovations. Jeracraft wants to update and better his creation, which reflects his style of building over time.

Kingdoms Of Greymane Screenshot 7
Jeracraft constantly update his creation

You can really see the changes of the island as time goes by. 7 long years of non-stop building, reimagining, and renovating bear fruit of epic wonder.

Kingdoms Of Greymane Screenshot 8
Unfortunately, players can not download the map just yet

From the original design, Jeracraft laid the foundation for his project in 2013. Bit by bit, he creates a monumental map of a mountain range, castle, harbor, and many other places. Now, the Kingdoms of Greymane is the prime example that proves the only limitation in Minecraft is your imagination.