Minecraft free for Android Softonic lets you play this creative game on Android phones. Moreover, it's also available on iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web App. Let's learn how to download and play this exciting sandbox game on your mobile phone here with Gurugamer.com.

Minecraft Free For Android Softonic Java Edition

The latest version 1.14.60 of Minecraft on the Android platform is available to download in Softonic. This game lets you use your creativity to create your own world. Moreover, you also have to try to survive. Unlike when playing on PC, you will interact with the in-game world by touching the phone screen.

Minecraft World
You can download the pocket version of Minecraft to play this creative game on your mobile phone.

Minecraft is always one of the most-played games on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One. It lets players explore and create the 3D grid of biomes through a touchscreen. There will be functional buttons on the tablets or smartphones to interact with the game world.

Build Almost Anything
It lets players explore and create the 3D grid of biomes through a touchscreen.

Like in PC and console, you also use your creativity to build your own world. Mobile players should know the gameplay and rule of this game. But before that, learn how to download it.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0 APK Free Download For Android Softonic

You access the official website of Softonic to get the download link of Minecraft for Android. Then, click on the download button to get the game. The latest version was updated on November 20th, 2020. It's compatible with Android 4.2 or above. The game size of this pocket edition of Minecraft on Android is only 51M.

Pocket Edition
This game is available on the official website of Softonic or Google Play Store.

Make sure you download the right game file because there are many other editions for iPhone, Windows, and Mac on this website. The in-game language is English so that players all over the world can play this game and understand the options and guidelines during their game experience. After clicking on the Download button on Softonic, this link will lead you to Google Play Store.

Build Anything
Unleash your creativity and imagination to build anything you want in this world.

Mojang's game costs you around Rs. 515.36 on Google Play Store. More simply, you search the game in this game store and buy it. After the payment, the game will be installed on your mobile phone. Next, open the game, create a game account, and enter the game. Then, you can explore this beautiful world of Minecraft and create your own biomes.

How To Play Minecraft Free For Android By Softonic Java Edition

Minecraft on Android also has the same gameplay as that of the PC and console edition.

Game Modes

This interesting game has three main game modes, including Creative mode, Survival mode, and Multiplayer.

  • Creative Mode: It's the main attraction of this sandbox game. Players can exploit material sources, build houses, buildings, basements, and every construction they can think of. Besides, you can also fly around the map to build high construction or see your house from the sky.
Minecraft Fly
Minecraft players can fly
  • Survival mode: This game is not only a construction game but it also has a survival feature. Your character also needs water and food to live. Moreover, he has to find the materials to build the village. In addition, your village can also be attacked by wild animals and monsters. Therefore, you will need weapons to fight against these creatures to protect your village and survive.
Survival Mode
This is the health bar of your character that you should keep an eye on.
  • Multi-player mode: You can connect and play this game with friends on the same server. This feature lets you communicate and interact with other players.


You will control a character in the first-person perspective through nine movement buttons and other interact buttons on the screen to interact with this game world. The movement buttons will make the character move backward, forward, left, and right. If you want to stop, tap on the center movement button.

There is a crosshair that represents your aim and an interact button on the right corner of the phone screen. When you want to interact with an in-game item, tap that button. For example, when you want to dig a hole on the ground, put the crosshair at that block, and tap the interact button to break that block. The targeted block will be highlighted.

Crafting Center
You can create furniture, tools, and necessary materials in the crafting center, and also cook food in the furnace.

You will have a limited inventory to store the materials and tools. There are many kinds of tools and materials to craft things in this game. You can craft many things, such as tables, beds, chairs, fences, glass windows, etc. in the crafting center. You can also raise animals, such as pigs, horses, cats, dogs, sheep, etc. In short, this game includes the gameplay of many game genres, such as survival, action, and farm games.

Raise Animal
Minecraft players can also raise animals, such as pigs, horses, cats, dogs, sheep, etc. in this pocket version.

Pros And Corns Of Android Edition

The graphics quality of the Android version of Minecraft is not as good as other versions. However, it still preserves all game modes and the original gameplay of this sandbox game. In addition, you can connect and interact with other players in a great online community. This version also has cross-platform features, allowing players of all platforms to play together. Moreover, you can play it while you are out or away from your computers.

Android Version
This Android version of Minecraft still preserves all game modes and the original gameplay of this sandbox game.

Those are things you need to know about Minecraft free for Android Softonic. To update the latest Minecraft game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guidelines for gamers, let's visit our website.