The latest version of Bethesda’s Rage 2 was released a couple of weeks ago with an open world which can make player overwhelmed by its massive scale. However, the gigantic open world does not always receive a positive opinion from the gamer community. While they still love the open world, some are getting tired of it.

A world in Rage 2 is created meticulously and full of colour but less attractive

You will be so excited when you play the game for the first time cause there is a whole new world to explore that allows you to become anyone. Looting, interacting with NPCs, exploring the map or anything you want, all of which make your adventure more interesting. However, this excitement can only last in the first few hourof playing. Side-quests, diversions, random NPCs starting to make you fatigued.

If you don’t believe that, let's check the Achievements or Trophies of the game. You will see that there are only nearly 50% of the players complete the main quest. It is not that people don't play the game anymore. They just like to wander around, creating random mayhem than following the main story. However, they will soon feel weary and leave the game.

So, why huge open worlds are less attractive to players?

How big is enough?

Recently, game markers are making the open worlds bigger and bigger and use them to impress players. In addition, the depth of the content is also made to match with the huge map. There is still many parts of the map are left untouched. As a result, it makes players tired and kills the excitement. Some of the Red Dead Redemption 2 players have experienced this and they think it is kind of tiresome.

Another issue is a story in games. For example, in Rage 2, the Main Quest creates more Side Quests. This makes people think the game maker of Rage 2 wants players to play freestyles. Although this is quite rational when you can doing anything in an open world, some players think the story of the game is lacking in depth and frivolous. Rage 2 can become one of the best game in 2019 if its story receives more attention from its creators.

The story in Rage 2 is surprisingly short

Not only the story, but Rage 2 is also accused of repetitive experience. It is similar to Just Cause 4. Besides its technical issues, Just Cause 4 makes players angry because of its repetitive and discrete story. The missions in the game are repeated over and over: drive to a place, hack something and blow some shit up.

Besides its technical issues, Just Cause 4 provides a lack of in-depth story

Days Gone, Mafia III and other open-world games have the same issue. It seems like the developers only create quests to make us busy and go to places in game as many as possible than providing a deep story which brings unique experiences. At some point, players will be sick of smashing and wandering. Have the developers ever thought about it? It will be better if they hear the needs of their users before throwing players into a huge open world and letting them wandering with no purpose.