PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been known as one of the most reputable Battle Royale games all over the world, and the game developers always try to bring the better gaming experience for all the gamers. However, their effort to improve the game sometimes meets the unexpected situation.

Recently, the developing team of PUBG has officially stated on Twitter their sincere apology and compensation for the unsatisfactory experience of players coming from the connectivity status of server and issues relating to the matchmaking in game.

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The issue began on Wednesday, 17th Oct 2018. Many players found it very difficult to connect to the serves or experienced the lag network. They also reported that when they joined a match, a negative situation happened to send them into a wrong server with their location.

In fact, the “Fix PUBG” campaign of the game has been carried out. This campaign’s purpose was to fix the battle royale’s relating issues. Following that, there were many new updates on the latest version of the game including the improvement of the rank system, new anti-cheat technology and better user interface for players’ experience. However, it seemed not to gain many positive responses from players due to a variety of issues.

This latest server’s connection issue brought the serious disappointment to many gamers and they also commented that the campaign caused more issues than what it could fix.

From the side of PUBG’s representative, they gave out some explain that their intention of the new update for the game was to automatically send the players to an area which provided the lowest pin, however, the pin calculation met some errors, which led to the inaccurate identification of the location.

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As an apology and a compensation for all the players, PUBG developers promise to offer them 20,000 battle points (BP), the Black Beanie and Headphones item. However, the condition for these free gifts is that logging into the game should be done by 5PM PDT no later than 23rd October.