Sony has recently announced some great news for PS4 owners in 2019. It seems that those who possess Sony’s latest generation of the console have some new games to look forward to next year, besides the abundance of PS4-exclusive titles that are already available on the market.

Amongst the PS4 games coming next year are The Last of Us Part 2 and Day Gone. These appear to be the last of Sony’s major projects for this console. Still, we could expect a couple of others, one of which is the remake of MediEvil. This remake version will be available on PS4 only.

We will be having some major updates about this project very soon. A trailer for the remake is due in 2 days.

Debuted in 1998, MediEvil is a trilogy of hack-and-slash action games on the PlayStation. The main character is Sir Daniel Fortesque. He is an undead knight who sets out to restore peace to the kingdom and redeem himself.

MediEvil gets a new trailer next week
Sir Daniel Fortesque, a protagonist of MediEvil

The first announcement regarding this project comes from Shawn Layden, chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, earlier this month. According to Layden, the first trailer for this game is going to come out on October 31. Additionally, he emphasizes that this will be a complete remake of the original game. It seems the PS1 gameplay will remain, but the developers will modernize it to fit the gaming environment today.

“We’ve taken the original game design, we’ve taken a lot of the key art, and some of the other attributes of the game design and ethos, if you will, and we’re working with a developer called Other Ocean Interactive, and they are remaking MediEvil in that design”, Layden said.

Image result for medievil ps1
The original MediEvil on PS1

Moreover, some people who contributed to the creation of the original MediEvil two decades ago are apparently participating in this remake as well. With that in mind, we can expect that this new version will retain the intent and design of the original title.

Furthermore, it is also possible that the original MediEvil will be available on the PlayStation Classic. This is an upcoming mini device by Sony that includes 20 popular PS1 games. MediEvil could very well be among them.

Related image
The PlayStation Classic with several PS1 games

For more news about this, we will have to wait until October 31.