The latest update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now on live server. It aims at improving the overall gaming experience of players.

The most notable addition is a new anti-cheat system. Cheaters have been a plague on PUBG since its first days. Auto-aiming and speed hack are two of the most common hacks in the game. They basically make a player invincible. It is really frustrating for the honest gamers to play against those cheaters. The new anti-cheat system, which functions in synchronization with the previous ones, will hopefully put a stop to that. Now, when you log into the game client, a window will pop up, asking whether you want to turn on the anti-cheat system. You are, of course, highly recommended to keep it on. The option to turn it off is just there in case you experience compatibility issues. Once the developer makes sure there is no problem, you won’t be able to disable anti-cheat.


For the true PUBG lover, there is an even more important change than the Anti-cheat system: The return of map selection. The developer removed this feature a while back because, as they explained, with so many combinations of options in the game, the playerbase is too split, and some take very long to queue into a game. But now it has returned, and players have welcomed it with open arms.

PUBG October 2018 update re-introduces full map selection, as demanded by players

There is also a new ranking system, which includes different levels: The lowest rank is bronze. From there players make their way to Silver, then Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Master and Grandmaster. This adds an extra level of competitiveness and a feeling of progress to the game.

Image result for pubg update 22 rank

The user interface (UI) is now more convenience as well. You can now use a wheel to switch between items quickly without having to open the inventory. The minimap can be zoomed in further, and you can more easily see when your friends log out.

Skin trade is another new feature of this patch. It allows you to trade skins that you have and battle points to obtain another, rare skin.

The update also fixed various bugs. You can see the full details of the patch here.