When talking about battle royale in PUBG, people will think of a battle of 100 people with modern weapons such as guns, grenades,... Now, think again as the dev has turned PUBG into a fantasy RPG game with classes such as Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard and other RPG elements such as crafting, skills, items.

The Fantasy Battle Royale event was made so players can have a fun time on April Fool's Day while staying isolated in their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is also a good way for the dev to test out new features that are coming to PUBG in the near future such as the crafting system or the shield.

Fantasy Battle Royale

You can access the game mode easily in the main lobby.

Basic Rules

  • The mode will take place on Erangel.
  • Players will be playing in TPP, Squads mode.
  • Friendly Fire is disabled with the exception of explosives.
  • The last surviving team will be the winner.
  • There are vehicles spawn around the maps but they are slower than usual and have less health.


You will have to choose your class at the start of the game. Each class will have its own abilities and advantages.

Choose your class

Barbarian: A melee combat class with high HP, movement speed with a Long Sword as a weapon. This class can also make Mega Energy Drinks that heal HP.

Ranger: The Ranger uses a crossbow called Dragonslayer as their weapon. The Dragonslayer can shoot several bows in quick succession, dealing tons of damage. This class also makes no sound while moving and has Flash grenades to blind enemies and reduce damage taken for allies. However, Ranger has a low pool of health.

Ranger can fires many bows quickly

Wizard: Wiard can deal serious AOE damage with their fire spells but has the least amount of health.

Paladin: Paladin is more a defensive class with their shield, healing ability, and slow enemies. However, Paladin cannot do Ledge Grab.

Item Crafting

You can pick up material around the map to upgrade your equipment.

Pick up materials to upgrade your equipment