Vikendi has always been a unique map in PUBG with the snow, the Northen light, the secret cave, the Mk5,... but it has too many issues that make the playing experience for most players horrible. The majority of players actually avoid playing on Vikendi due to all of these problems. So, in the next season, PUBG is going to replace Vikendi with a new 2x2 map called Karakin.

PUBG announced a new map called Karakin to replace Vikendi in Season 6

In the video, we also get to see the town is getting a missile strike, which seems to be the Black Zone that we mentioned in the previous leak. We also see a character in the video is carrying an RPG in his back. This means that this map might feature a destructible environment and the C4 as well.

Season 6 New Map Karakin Goodbye Vikendi Rpgs Leak
Vikendi is removed from the map selection in the next season

According to YouTuber PlayerIGN, this map Karakin will have 5 locations Al Hbar, Al Hayik Bahr Sahir, Bashara, Cargo Ship, and Hadiqua Nemo. Based on the size of the map, this map cannot be a Team Deathmatch map as it is still too big for the mode.

Pubg Lite Vikendi Map 718x401
Vikendi will have to leave PUBG for a while for more improvements

As for Vikendi, don't worry if you love the map. It will only rotate out of PUBG temporary this season and will be back in the game in the future. The developer is probably planning to do some rework with the map to make it a better map when it comes back. Also, you can still choose Vikendi in the custom match if you really want to play it.

What do you think about this change in the upcoming season? Do you like this map or Vikendi better? Tell us in the comment section.