PUBG Season 5 is about to end and Season 6 is coming with many new updates and game modes. PUBG also teased on their Twitter some new images of a new map and the C4 (the C4 post has been removed).

Pubg Tt
PUBG twitter teases 2 images of a new map in the next season

Thanks to the YouTuber PlayerIGN, we can get a glimpse of all the upcoming features that are coming to PUBG. You can check out the video below.

First off, the name of Season 6 is going to be Shakedown. A new gameplay mechanic is also added to the game file called "Black Zone." Black Zone is quite similar to the Red Zone. The Black Zone will be a danger zone just like the Red Zone, but it can destroy buildings in its radius. So you pretty much can't hide. I assume that the Black Zone will be indicated on the minimap as a black circle.

Season 6 Shakedown Introduces 2x2 Map Leaks Video
The picture from PUBG shows that you can shoot through walls in upcoming updates

Another noticeable feature in the upcoming update is the ability to shoot through walls as you can see in the image above. But I don't think this mechanic will be present in normal games but in the new 2x2 map. If this feature is going to be a feature in the main game, we should be able to test it beforehand in PUBG Labs like the Motor Glider before it can actually become true.

Image of the new PUBG map that is coming in Season 6 on the official Twitter of PUBG
Words on the image show that this map is an Arabian Island map located in the Middle East region

These are the official images from PUBG about the new map. By searching in the code of the game, the YouTuber found out about an exit code that lets you leave your team if your team has more than 4 members. It is possible that this is going to be a Team Deathmatch map for PUBG.

PUBG also previously posted a Facebook post about C4 but they quickly deleted it after. With the introduction of the destructible environment, the C4 is likely to appear in this new map as well. In previous leaks, there is remote Buggy founded in the game file. All these features are very familiar with another multiplayer famous shooter game Rainbow Six Siege.

Season 6 Shakedown Introduces 2x2 Map Leaks Video
PUBG teased about the C4 on their Facebook but removed it soon after, maybe the C4 isn't coming to PUBG soon

Based on the words on the second picture of the map, we can also figure out that this map is located in the Middle East region. This means that this is not the same map as the map Rapide that was leaked before. Also, the terrain of Rapide is flat with no hills whatsoever. This map's code name is "Fourex."

New Map Leaked Rapide Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
In previous leaks, a map called Rapide was founded in the game file, but it is the same as this map

These leaks updates and features might not be available in PUBG soon if they are coming to PUBG at all. Their names and functions might also change or alter greatly when they come out.

Today is the end of Season 5 so Season 6 will be live on PUBG Test Server tomorrow with many be even more cool features. Season 6 will go live on the main server next week.

Stay tuned for more leaks and information about PUBG. We will update you with the latest information as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section below.