In a previous article, we mentioned that a Motor Glider with a full model was added to the game files along with the 5.3 updates of PUBG and it might be in PUBG in the future. Here is it now. PUBG has officially announced it on their home page and the Motor Gilder will be available through PUBG Labs for all players to try out for 3 days, starting from today.

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You can try the Motor Glider in PUBG Labs now

The Motor Gilder will allow you and another person to fly in the air and get anywhere you want, no matter how high it is. Here is some basic information you need to know about this brand new vehicle before trying it out.

How it works

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The players in the back seat can free use items and weapons

In order to take off, you will need to accelerate the speed of the Motor Glider up to 70 km/h. That means you will need a large open space to take off your Motor Glider. Make sure you don't stand near the motor while it is spinning or it will cost you your life. Once you are moving already, you can lock the movement of the Motor Gilder so it keeps accelerating forward. When you reach the speed of 65 km/h, press S to pitch up the vehicle and it will take off automatically once it reaches 70 km/h.

Use the W/S keys to control the height and A/D keys to control the direction of the Motor Glider. You can change the throttle using Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys. Use Spacebar to active hand brake when you land.

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The Motor Glider will need a large open space to accelerate and take off

There is no height limit for the Motor Glider. You can go as high as you want, but the engine will get weaker the higher you go. The more you force your engine to work, the faster your fuel will be consumed.

The player in the passager seat can freely use items or weapons. That right, you can fight on top of a squad and pour down a Molotov and Grenade rain on them.

The Motor Glider will be spawned randomly around the map.

Where to try the Motor Glider

Motorglider3 D5d8_wm
Click on the PUBG Labs button above the 'Start' button

The Motor Glider is available in PUBG Labs for 3 days from December 19, 11 pm PST – December 22, 11 pm PST.

You can play in either FPP or TPP mode in Squad.

The two available maps are Erangel and Miramar.

What will come next in PUBG Labs

Big Leaks Gliders Rolling Player Bots Random Br Sy 0b9c_wm
There is a high chance that the Remote Control Buggy will be tested next in PUBG Labs

Since the Motor Glider is now actually available in PUBG Labs. It is very likely that PUBG will be testing the Remote Control Buggy next after the Motor Glider. The model of the Remote Control Buggy was added to PUBG game files in the last update along with the Motor Glider. However, it is not completed yet, so we might have to wait for a month or so until it shows up in PUBG Labs. We are not sure about the purpose of the Remote Control Buggy yet but based on previous leaks, we might guess what it can do. It might be a drone car for players to scout an arena safely like the drone car in Rainbow Six Seige. Another possibility is that it might carry a C4 so you can control and explode it where ever you want as the C4 was also found in PUBG game files a while ago.