The Game Awards 2019 is getting closer and closer. Everyone is looking forward to a big announcement from PUBG as usual. But what could they be? With the arrival of the 5.3 update they have just added on the Test Server, data miners have found something interesting in the game files. The developer has added a model for a Remote Control Buggy, a rolling animation, a 2-seated Motor Glider, and files for AI bots.

First, let's talk about the Motor Gilder. The model of it is completed with players' animation, HUD icon, and colors. That means that there is a huge chance that this vehicle will become a feature in PUBG considering how much work they have put on it. We don't know about how fast it can travel, the number of it in a game or how much HP it has yet, but it is going to be a really fun add-on. The Motor Glider has actually appeared in Rule of Survival before, a free battle royale game by NetEase.

Big Leaks Gliders Rolling Player Bots Random Br Sy 4978_wm
The Motor Gilder will be a great feature

The next thing is the Remote Control Buggy. In previous leaks, we have said that PUBG is going to have C4. This cute little toy might be attached to it and let you control the bomb inside the house. Or this Buggy is going to be a drone car like the drone in Rainbow Six Seige and let you scout your area safely.

Big Leaks Gliders Rolling Player Bots Random Br Sy 8e9a_wm
This might be a moving C4 or a drone

As for the rolling animation, based on how the animation looks, it will be a new way to approach enemies and attack. I thought it might be the landing animation from parachuting at first, but the model is clearly holding a gun at the end of the animation so this is not the case.

Big Leaks Gliders Rolling Player Bots Random Br Sy 70c9_wm
Players will be able to do parkour rolling

And the AI bots, I think that they are necessary with the upcoming rank system of PUBG. The developer will need something easy for new players to begin with, and bots will solve that problem.

All of these will probably come to PUBG next year in another season (if they are actually coming at all) as the 5.3 update is already out.