A fan of the PUBG game created a heatmap for Miramar base on the risk level of the area. This map will let players know crowded areas, low-risk places, and decide where to land on this map. It would be very useful for players, especially beginners to get used to the game.

New Heatmap of Miramar

An amazing fact in PUBG is in addition to many unattended spots, there are many crowded places where most players tend to land on. If beginners land on such high-risk places, they have to join unexpected combat at the beginning of the game. Thanks to this heatmap, players can decide where to start the game base on the strategy. The designer highlighted high-risk places in the red and low-risk areas in green.

Miramar Heatmap
Miramar Heatmap

Useful Information from Miramar Heatmap

According to this heatmap, the far northeast and northwest areas are the lowest in risk. It’s because these spots are quite far from the flight line and hard to reach on such a large map. Therefore, if you can land in these places, be ready to move. If the playing zone doesn’t shrink on or near you, get a decent vehicle, gas, and energy drink because you have to traverse quite far to get in the safe zone.

In contrast, the central and south areas are highly attended, especially in crowded cities. The most crowded area is located in the south of Los Leones city. Graveyard, the northwestern village of San Martin, and the western complex of Pecado are some other most-visited spots on Miramar.

Los Leones City The Most Crowded Spot In Miramar
Los Leones City - The Most Crowded Spot In Miramar

In general, the last circle often shrinks in popular spots and major compounds of Miramar. On the contrary, it seldom lands on the upper right and left corners of the map. In short, the heatmap of Miramar created in a PUBG fan is a useful tool for PUBG players to choose the best place to start the game.