The Game Awards 2019 has just ended with a lot of hype from celebrating the achievement of all kinds of games in the past year and new games announcements. Among these announcements is a mysterious trailer called PlayerUnknown's 'Prologue' from PUBG creator, Brendan Greene. You can check out the trailer below.

This is surely not PUBG 2 and from what we have seen 'prologue' seems to have no relation to PUBG in any way at all. The trailer features a tropical fourish forest which is seen under the eye of an "unknown" character. From the panting sound the character, we can speculate that they are a child or a woman and they are lost in the middle of the jungle with a thunderstorm and rain.

Playerunknowns Prologue Official Teaser Trailer Th A6b3_wm
The trailer of Prologue shows us a beautiful forest

The visuals in the trailer are stunning, which might be exactly what Greene wants to show us. When he left PUBG, he started a new studio with veteran developers, researchers with the aim to develop new technologies for something bigger. He said that 'Prologue' is the first step of that journey and he will be using it to do some experimenting and create something on a global scale. He wants to create a world that is hundred of kilometers with thousands of players.

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PUBG has created a whole new genre when it came out 2 years ago

With the technology that we have now, it is really hard to create such a world. Therefore, instead of spending the next few years putting all they have into one big project, they break it down into smaller parts to solve this puzzle and Prologue is the first piece.

Greene's work with PUBG has created a whole new genre for gaming that worth billions of dollars. But can he repeat history again and give the gaming world another amazing surprise? We will have to wait to find out.