If you're really moved by the morality in the story of The Last of Us, the debut chapter of Rain of Reflections might scratch your itches while waiting for The Last of Us 2. The indie Lionbite Games developer has decided to self-launch their title last week, and you can grab the game now for a time-limited discount.

In order to announce its release to gamers, the developer also unveiled the launch trailer of the game. You can have a look at the combination of strategic turn-based action and heavy choice-driven gameplay of Rain of Reflections in the video below:

The story of Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1

Rain of Reflections is actually a game series, containing three chapters, each has its distinctive stories. The newly-announced chapter of the series, which is also the introductory one is named "Set Free". In this installment, you'll dive into the dystopian futuristic world to explore the touching story of morality.

To be more specific, you'll take control of Wilona - a female scientist with a kind heart. Wilona is working for a group of scientists, who are trying to find a solution to infertility suddenly spreading in the future world. In order to do that, they are experimenting with the newborns.

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
Meets Wilona - the main protagonist of this chapter

The nature of this research has triggered Wilona to doubt its morality, so she decided to do a humane action - releasing the live subject - the lastborn child. However, right this moment, she's the only one who wants to follow her heart right now, so she has to get through the obstruction from powerful forces.

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
She is trying her best to release the lastborn child

Will Wilona able to set the subject free?

Special gameplay features

With the aims of portraying the tough decisions of Wilona, the developer Lionbite has delivered the heavy choice-driven mechanics into Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1. As I've mentioned earlier, this game is the mixture of both turn-based strategic encounters and spoken line choices.

First things first, let's talk about the exploration elements. Controlling Wilona, you'll have to explore the vast research base to find out the way to unleash the live subject. The dystopian environments in this game vary from complicated stems, the trench that's always full of skid rows, temple, the top-secret 24h-guarded landfills and the cold laboratory where clinical researches are conducted.

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
You'll have to explore every corner of the research base

In there, you'll have to hack into computer systems, break some locks and catch the radio frequencies to secretly hear the secret conversations. In order to do that, you'll have to get through various mind-bending puzzles using your mouse and keyboard. Breaching security is never an easy task after all!

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
The puzzles in this game will make you feel like a true hacker!

Furthermore, in order to reach unauthorized places, you'll have to strategically engage in a turn-based system. To be more specific, you'll have to choose to sneak in stealthily or speak to distract. Another option is to start shooting with precisely calculated shots to explode the environment, blowing the guards away from your way.

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
Stealth is always the best route, but it's very difficult at the same time

And then finally, choose your words through spoken lines carefully. Every single line you say out will have to serve your aim: whether to convince, deceit or outsmart your foes. Every character in this game is fully voiced, and they have their own personality and viewpoint, which adds a whole new depth level to the game's story.

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
You can get allies or deceit your foes only bt using your words!

Last but not least, you can move your character both by mouse and keyboard, or you can directly control the movement of Wilona with your gamepad. Every decision you make will influence the outcome of the story, so there will be multiple endings in this game.

Get it now with a discounted price

Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1 is now available on Steam, with the 10% discount on the game's new release. This event will end on October 12, so you'd better be quick.

Rain Of Reflections Released Its Chapter 1 Title W
The game is out now on Steam with a 10% discount

The second chapter of the game - Open Eye and the third chapter - Undercurrent will come at a later date.