Hackers were complaining about their bans within a forum.

Respawn Entertainment appears to have issues another ban wave on a ton of hackers and cheaters in Apex Legends. We get to witness an internet forum on Reddit where cheaters were complaining about their accounts got banned recently.

Apex Legends - Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - the hottest strategy shooter battle royale out there, by Respawn Entertainment and EA.

Hackers are crying in the corner

A forum user expressed helplessly, saying “Everyone got banned.” Another guy couldn’t play in his new account, just after the very first game with it. We can also see many other comments expressing their surprise on how Respawn busted these cheaters. The way they handled this was “way beyond me”, someone said. In addition, some of them confirmed that common acts to bypass the ban like changing IP didn’t work this time.

Apex Legends - Respawn Entertainment
A huge ban wave hit all the hackers and player reports out there. Good job Respawn!

In fact, we didn't actually hear from Respawn if a ban wave was out. But it appears that Respawn has caught a few players with some sort of cheat app running. These are normally third-party software that grant them superior in-game advantage like perfect aim (aimbot) or super-fast movement (speed hack).

On March 9th, Respawn confirmed to ban more than 355,000 cheaters from Apex Legends since its official release. Among those bans, some of them happened ever before the game starts, thanks to the Easy-Anti Cheat system.

New report feature

In addition, players can now report a suspicious player/potential hacker after elimination. This feature is fairly new and has just been around for a few days after the latest Apex update. The instruction appeared on the top right of the screen after displaying your death screen. In here, you can choose the category in which the cheater falls into, either from aimbot or speed hack.

With such implement of the report system, let’s hope all the cheaters get what they deserve and learn their lessons.