After the introduction of the 1.1 patch update recently, Apex Legends’ players have been experienced with a bug that wiped out players’ all progression, as stated by Reddit users that all of their stats, battle pass levels, crafting material, skins, legend tokens were reset to nothing but zero. Moreover, Respawn had to shut down the entire server and asked players not to purchase or craft anything in order to deal with what was taking place. Respawn also stated on Twitter that they were digging into the problem and they would come up with an update as soon as they could.

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Some players decided not to update the game until the bug was reported to be fixed by Respawn, however, it remained unclear whether this will have any effect, as all players’ saved progress is kept within Apex Legends’ server. It is also vague how broad the problem is, we only know that the problem appears on every single platform, with reports from PS4 and Xbox One players of the same issue.  

Other than the previous issue, the recent 1.1 update did not change the game much. The biggest difference that was added to the game was the option of instantly re-joining your squad from the previous match. Overall, the new patch was considered to be pretty basic.

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According to Respawn, the bug was unintentionally moving players to the wrong servers that did not have their persistence and this was why their accounts were reset and their progressions were lost. They also stated that players progress remained safe and sound up until the update and they would remove players from the wrong place and put them back to their right servers with the progress intact. The process will start with Xbox and later to PS4 and PC.

After a few hours of shutting down, Respawn eventually had the bug fixed and everything that was missing was eventually restored, however, it was quite a chilling time for players who report missing items and progressions.