The long-awaited Season 1 Battle Pass is finally here in Apex Legends. After a month of waiting, players are receiving their Battle Pass with 100 tiers to unlock. and here are some of the best ways to level it up. However, players didn’t need much time to realize that it takes a while to pass tiers and level up. Hence, here are some of the best ways to do that.

Apex Legends Battle Pass
Gamers might not aware of this but Apex Legends grants a lot of XP each game, it’s just that players don’t know how to get them.

On Reddit, there’s a chart that lists out ways to earn XP and it turns out to be the most effective way, rather than just grind and grind for hours in-game. There are so many ways to earn yourself those juicy XP.

Apex Legends Battle Pass
The chart includes all the things from beating the champion, getting the first kill for each Legend or simply getting the first kill of the day.

Daily & Weekly Bonus

First kill in the day will grant you 500 XP. The same amount goes to first kill with each available legend. Also, there’s a pool of 25,000 weekly bonus survival time for each legend.

Survival Time Experience

You’ll need to survive for 139 minutes on a legend to max out the survival time. The weekly minimum amount of XP you’ll gain out of that is 50,000. To get to level 110, it would take you 150 hours of Survival Time. The number rises up to 300 hours for Survival Time alone.

There was a complaint from players on Mar 20th, saying that it takes too long in order to level up the Battle Pass. Respawn Entertainment did respond by clarifying this.

"It would take around 100 hours to complete the battle pass, given that players use their bonuses and earn themselves some kills.” The developer also mentioned the average game time of 1 hour per day.

Overall, the chart is right there and it certainly helps you to speed up the process as you wished.