By now no Apex Legends fans don’t know about Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. This former CS:GO pro player has become the number one Apex Legends streamer on Twitch. His name skyrockets with the popularity of this game. Some even say Shroud and Apex Legends are born for each other.

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Shroud and Apex Legends have a special connection, though he is having some troubles with the game

Apex Legends has always been a huge hit since its surprising release on February 4th. The fact that this game was able to gather 50 million players in just slightly more than one month has proved the greatness of this battle royale game by Respawn Entertainment. However, that success is being highly threatened by all kinds of hackers and cheaters of the game.

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All kinds of cheating are in the game

On a recent stream, Shroud has talked about this issue with his viewers. Shroud said that he had shared some words with Respawn Entertainment about producing a fast, correct and trustworthy anti-cheat system for the game. Though EA and Respawn Entertainment have added a report feature to their game, he doesn’t think it’ll be enough to stop waves of cheaters.

The former CS:GO pro gamer could not show much sympathy for Respawn Entertainment’s hard situation since he knows how cheaters will screw up everything if we don’t have firm reactions - especially with free-to-play titles. But, while the streamer thinks that this game has to remain free-to-play, the developer of Apex Legends has not been hard enough with the cheaters.

To be honest, we have to agree with Shroud. We are seeing more and more cheaters in the game: from wall cheating to speed hack. Yes, EA and Respawn Entertainment are in a difficult situation, but some things need to be done, and it needs to be done soon.

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Please ban all the cheater in Apex Legends