When it comes to famous Fortnite streamers, the first name you think of will be Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The same thing happens with Shroud and Apex Legends. Ever since Apex Legends was published on February 4th, Shroud has always been a very active streamer of this game. And when this game skyrockets, it also brings the name of Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek to a higher level.

Shroud Apex Legends Settings
Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek

Although the community now admits that Shroud and Apex Legends are born for each other, this the ex-CS:GO pro has delivered a statement that the game has become less interesting than it used to be.

On his stream, while playing Apex Legends, Shroud suddenly gave out the comments about the game. According to our streamer, this game has been more boring due to the fact that most of the players in a match die in the first stage of the match.

Shroud blames these increased amounts of eliminations in the early game phrase on the fact that so many players are doing the "hot-dropping.” This is the action of landing at areas of the map which have higher tier loot. Because of this phenomenon, a lot of players in a match will face each other really early, which leads to a lot of kill in the early game.

It is true that that Shroud is actually making sense. If you are a regular Apex Legends player, you will probably feel the same thing. With so many players being eliminated in the early game, the mid-game phases (which are usually long) become very dull with not many actions and combats.

Apex Legends Hot Zones Hot Dropping Shroud
Hot dropping zones actually make Apex Legends less interesting when the match get into the later stages

The first season changes for Apex Legends have been applied, so we might have to wait a little longer for Respawn Entertainment to tackle this issue. But the developer of Apex Legends can easily fix this.

But before that, we recommend you to avoid hot dropping. Playing defensively in the early stages of the match and wait to loot more in the middle game is the strategy that can bring your team to endgame, and perhaps the final victory.