No doubt that Apex Legends is among the hottest game all over the world now. Since its surprising release on February 4th (which was only 5-6 weeks ago), this game has gone through such a long journey that we feel this game has been with us for 5-6 months. Several Apex Legends tournaments and more than 50 million players of this game have strongly proved our statement.

Due to irresistible attraction of Apex Legends, we have seen many pro players and streamers making their name by streaming and competing for the game, namely Shroud, dizzy, King Richard ….

Shroud Apex Legends Recoil Design Explains How Wea
We can say that Shroud is born for Apex Legends

However, Fortnite most famous streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is seemingly stepping away from Apex Legends scene. The most famous streamer in 2018 has not been seen streaming Apex Legends for quite some time. Instead, he has come back to Fortnite.

This is quite a strange thing, regarding the fact that Ninja was paid $1 million to play, stream and tweet about Apex Legends on the first few days after its release. To further explain about this, the streamer has confessed that his focus will be mainly on Fortnite. Ninja said to his viewer on his stream on March 18th: “I not going on Apex Legends, man. I’m going to be focusing on the Fortnite World Cup.”

This is not something too hard for us to understand. Fortnite is the game that makes the name of Ninja, and in return, Ninja contributes so much effort of himself to skyrocket the child of Epic Games. Not to mention, the Fortnite World Cup (which will be hosted in New York City on July 26th to 28th) will feature a $30 million dollars prize pool – a huge amount of money that no pro gamers can resist.

Fortnite World Cup Format The Fortnite Podcast
The Fortnite World Cup's prize pool will be $30 million dollar

However, Ninja will still play Apex Legends once in a while, as the battle pass for the first season of the game has been released. This was confirmed by his wife, Jess 'Ghosty' Blevins.

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