Micheal Grzesiek, or more well-known with the streaming name" Shroud". He is a video game streamer who is famous for more than just his energetic character on screen and his first-person shooter skills. During one of his streaming session recently, Shroud has found out on the air that an old friend of him has a positive cancer diagnosis. She is also a streamer by the way, so Shroud immediately left his stream and jump over to her stream.

Shroud Have Donated 2500 To A Friend In A Stream F

Jennifer Shih - jenniez_tv

Her name is Jennifer Shih or more well-known as “jenniez_tv”, she is both a delivery nurse and labor. Recently she has received the diagnosis of colon cancer at stage four. Following the Twitter of "jenniez-tv", we got to know that she will begin her chemotherapy in just a few days. When finding out about her disease she started to raise money for the treatment through her Twitch channel. During her stream, a mutual friend has told Shroud about the whole thing and Shroud remembered about her immediately that they have met 6 years ago at an ESEA LAN event. Then after that, he directed his chat to Jenny's channel to support his old friend.

Shroud Have Donated 2500 To A Friend In A Stream 0
Shroud in his Apex stream

The good guy

In fact, at that moment Shroud was very near his victory in an Apex Legends match, just a squad elimination in fact. But when he found out about the situation of jenniez_tv, he made sure that all the members of his channel informed about jenniez_tv's Twitch stream. More than just redirect his viewers to jenniez_tv's stream, he also personally donated 2,500 USD, half of Jennifer goal in raising money for her cancer treatment.

Shroud Have Donated 2500 To A Friend In A Stream 0

Apart thanks to the redirecting os support to jenniez-tv and another part thanks to the direct donation of Micheal, Jennifer was able to complete her goal of 5,000 USD in just a short period of time. This rare occasion has shown us once again that there are still positive aspects on Twitch in the mild of all those toxic communities.