Apex Legends sets a huge launching record of a successful opening-month as a F2P game, earning approximately $92 million in revenues. Such huge amount was from in-game purchases across multiple platforms in the month of February, according to SuperData.

Considering the financial aspect, Apex Legends is the champion

According to Nielsen reports, in the same month, there has been a great amount of $8.2 billion spent on digital games – a 2% rise compared to Feb 2018.

Regarding the revenues, Apex Legends ranked 4th in console & ranked 6th in PC, among all titles. Their biggest rivalry at the moment, Fortnite, ranked 2nd in console & ranked 5th in PC. The Epic Games huge hit generates as much as $300 million in revenues just after a month. At the same time, NBA2K19 witnesses an increase of 42% in in-game spending.

Apex Legends surprise entrance

For your information, Respawn Entertainment surprised gamers with the release of Apex Legends on Feb 4th. They only revealed the game 15 minutes before its official release. However, Respawn Entertainment is reported to have paid both Tyler Blevins ("Ninja") and Michael Grzesiek ("shroud") $1 million to stream Apex Legends and create social posts relating to the game.

Shroud Apex Legends Stress Gaming Skills
Shroud and Apex Legends are born for each other

In the first three days after launch, over 10 million players tried the game. The number increased to more than 50 million within February.

As you have probably known, Apex Legends is a free to play game. Because of that, the huge revenue came from in-game virtual currency. Some of the hottest commodities are Apex Packs and various cosmetic items, providing to characters as well as in-game weapons. Also, Caustic and Mirage are the 2 legends (out of the current 9) that you can only unlock through Apex coins. Although, you can totally earn points through games to acquire them without paying anything.

Recently, we also saw the release of Season 1 battle pass. It came out last Tuesday alongside a new legend, Octane, who is available in the shop right now,!