You could find Devil May Cry 5 familiar with other DMC chapters when you send several demons flying around. The game has different arenas and hallways where you will battle with demons, humiliating them by your ridiculous weaponry and well-executed combos. Everything you know and love about the DMC series is still there, yet DMC5 has made some improvement to balance the new and old.

1You will spend most of the time killing demons in DM5

Most of your time in the game would be spent on killing demons. You will execute complicated combo strings by combining different weapons in your arsenal as you are dodging in and out to avoid rival’s attack. There is a ranking system which will evaluate your style continuously in order to motivate you to perfect your skills and performance.

Main characters are Dante, Nero, and V – the newcomer. Each person has his own extraordinary playstyle that makes the simple task of slaughtering demons diverse and satisfying.

2Nero, Dante, and V are the DMC5’s protagonists

The soul of the game is most reflected in combat. Different mechanical nuances are demonstrated in plenty of creative ways.

Especially, Nero is the character through whom the new and old converge. In DMC5, he has Devil Breakers arms, which are replacements to the Devil Bringer in DMC4. These arms will pull enemies towards you and they come in different models with different abilities. For instance, Punch Line can shoot rocket-powered fist, while Overture can cause shock attack to opponents. Devil Breakers support Nero significantly by enhancing his damages. However, it's somewhat curious that you can't freely switch between the different models that you have equipped. Instead, you must destroy the current arm you're using (unleashing a high-damage attack in the process) to move on to the next one in the magazine.

3Nero has Devil Breakers arms as a weapon to kill the monsters

This limitation, however, adds a level spontaneity to combat which motivates you to be adaptable and industrious. At first, you will be compelled to be conservative with Devil Breakers. But as you progress, you can expand the size of your magazine and have more Red Orbs to buy them from shops. This is where you begin to hit a rhythm of deliberately destroying them for strategic purposes, flowing from one combo to the next. However, even if you have the best reflexes, an opponent can smash your Devil Breaker right during the middle of a combo. This will force you to adapt on the fly. This mechanic gives you a persistent sense of tension as you mix impulsive creativity with high-consequence strategies. Devil Breakers inspires satisfying free-flowing tactics, making it easy for you to forget your frustrations at the beginning.

While Nero is the classic combination of new and old ideas, V the newcomer is an unexpected and fresh addition. V attacks from a distance through his two pets: Griffon - a demonic bird, and Shadow - a panther. If you have experienced DMC 1, you would probably be familiar with these two.

4V relies on his pets to do the dirty work for him

Each creature has its own regenerating health bar; Griffon can shoot projectiles and Shadow can inflict melee attacks. V also has one more familiar called Nightmare, a giant golem. This golem can inflict a massive amount of damage on his own, but you can only summon him for a short period of time. Moreover, V can actually ride on Nightmare and take direct controls to inflict more damage on opponents. However, the familiars cannot straight up kill enemies. Their attacks only weaken them, and V has to go in for the finishing blow himself.  Playing V requires a level of patience that goes against your instinct of being confrontational. Because of that, V’s deliberate pace can be irritating at times, especially as Nightmare, Griffon and Shadow have a problem concentrating on your intended target while they are in battle. The lack of connection with your familiars during fights can be a bit confusing.

Nevertheless, V's more calculated playstyle is a refreshing change. It is such a satisfying thrill when avoiding damage whilst commanding your familiars to do complicated juggles. And that satisfaction is further enhanced when you see V executing enemies with his cane-sword in an extremely cool anymation. All in all, even though he may not have many breathtaking abilities, V is a welcome addition to the roster.

Dante, probably the favorite of many fans, retains his old mechanics. Of the trio, his playstyle is the one that most encourages creativity. Similar to DMC4, he could change his battling styles in 4 ways, each has its extraordinary setups and maneuvers. In this newest version, though, he can bring a maximum of 4 weaponry and 4 guns. His extensive arsenal would bring joy while performing combos.

5Dante has 4 fighting styles in DMC5

Dante can feature plenty of combos and playstyles.  Playing him is about expressing yourself. You will be drawn into learning the different nuances of his abilities in order to make up your own flair. DMC encourages you to not only become a professional at its systems, but also to creatively build up your personal tactics and styles. You will think less, feel more when you get the hang of it.

YThe pace of the campaign is calculated carefully. You will start with Nero, the most accessible, then change into V to develop your space management skills, then open the combat completely up with Dante. New mechanics are introduced continuously, keeping your interest in the stylish combat of DMC5.

6The campaign pacing is deliberate

You have a variety of foes in order to evaluate your own skills. Different specific bosses present worthy trials, as their mechanics are suitable with each person’s playstyles, Challenges are constant, providing various layers of complexities that motivate you to develop your abilities.

The story of DMC5 is a fascinating, if somewhat predictable, one. It has tons of ridiculous action scene to keep you entertained. The storyline lets you switch perspectives from one character to another so as to get a full picture of the story, leading to many unfolding events. You would notify the time passing at the beginning of each mission as they are set in a period of a single day. It helps you to understand the plot and what the missions are contributing to the timeline.

Familiar character’s comeback is one more endearing point of the story. There are several loving nods to lots of iconic moments of series. Even though some of the presences, such as Trish and Lady, don't really contribute much, but they still serve to bring a sense of camaraderie. However, they have some unnecessary nude scenes that no doubt were intended as a fan service, but besides the well-placed references and flashbacks of others, these scenes appear flavorless, redundant, awkward, and frankly, cheap. In contrast, Nico is always delightful, strong and intelligent. She is the reason why Nero can make short work of demons in the first place.

There is no doubt room for more meaningful character development, but that doesn't mean the story is bad. All the exchanges and friendly banter between the entire cast makes you grow attached to them overtime, driving you to move forward to see how they would overcome the obstacles set before them. The drama serves as a fitting conclusion to the stories of the main protagonists, while shedding light on many unanswered questions from the community.

The game also has a Cameo System that is intended to help bolstering a sense of connectivity. There are some missions in which you can see another character exploring the areas around; some even act alongside you. These characters are controlled by the AI by default, but through this System, you can actually have other online players control them. The idea sounds great on paper, but unfortunately it is mostly underutilized, except for one specific situation that you get to battle beside another player.

DMC5 is a combination of the new and old

All in all, DMC5 sticks to its origin and expand on the stylish foundation set by its predecessors, putting in some creative ideas in the process. Most importantly, it  stays loyal to the signature campy bravado and fighting systems. The story of DMC5 has some alluring charm that you can’t help but wanting to push forward to see what happens next. Despite some minor frustrations, DMC5 is a confirmation that this brilliant series is still imaginative without compromising the long-held traditions.