Dante is and always be our beloved character of Devil May Cry. He is not only the protagonist but also the soul of the franchise. a noble and admirable man. Devil May Cry 5 does everything great plus enhances that greatness of Dante, making him the greatest version of himself we've ever witnessed.

Consider the Devil May Cry 5 course of events. The beginning of the game starts on May 16th, when Nero is beaten so badly by Urizen and needs to run away. Dante then appears to offer him the chance to escape by stopping Urizen. On June 15, Nero along with V set off to the Red Grave City to once again face Urizen and Qliphoth. At the point when Nero with V encounters Urizen again and realized they aren't prepared, Dante once again appears to help. Before players have the opportunity to play as Dante, he is strong enough to face to face with Nero and a strong force in the city, withstand long enough to wait for Nero's help.

Nico And Dante
Nico offering Dante Dr. Faust.

And then throughout the game, we still can see those great aspects of Dante. In the game's flashback which shows Morrison gives Dante the job involving V, it is when we see his optimism as in such a perilous time he can still keep calm and make a joke of it. That's the humor side of Dante, yet keep in mind he is the guardian of humanity who possesses such great power and heroism just like his father. He might be the valiant hero who never steps back when dealing with terrible evils, but when he sees Nico offer him Dr. Faust, the coolest and deadliest hat we've ever seen, Dante becomes so childlike and joyful as he funnily jokes with the weaponsmith girl, even makes a moonwalk dance and humbly receive the gift.

The hat fits perfectly with his set of skills and weapons. Playing as Dante is not just experiencing his outstanding power but it's also about enjoying all of his ample weapon set. In Devil May Cry 5, you can easily try out every style you like with anything in Dante's hand and find out which suits you the best easily. Have a tour at what he has then. His primary and most powerful sword, Rebellion, has returned. Ebony & Ivory are also great as usual as a pair of his most iconic guns in the collection. Even if you need something with more damage and intimidation, his shotgun, Coyote-A, is an excellent option. His melee options are also badass, with the Balrog (Devil Arm) and classic Cavaliere which is basically a motorbike that can transform into 2 clubbed buzz saws. Also, don't forget the powerful King Cerberus, a 3-part nunchaku that can turn into a fire bō staff or lightning chain. Dr. Faust gives you a chance to toss a hat at enemies to damage them and it will bounce back like boomerangs. Finally, it's the devastating rocket launcher called Kalina Ann that may appear unnecessarily deadly in other games. And of course, Dante can still perform his Devil Trigger.

Dante Caveliere
Dante's new badass weapon that is also a motorbike.

Other than Dante's abundant collection of weapons, he also owns a variety of different fighting style. These styles might be a lot, but thanks to the game's clever system, it is really easy to change one with another swiftly for better performance in combat. Not to mention, you can always use 1 certain style combined with another for effectiveness. Trickster is an interesting and great style, giving you a great agility. Swordmaster style is tied in with utilizing melee weapons like sword or saws so you can approach your enemies and hit them with a combo that ought to ideally demolish them. And then there is the Royal Guard which you can use to brace yourself and defend against strong attacks from enemies. This is definitely a must use if you want to block and parry those attacks rather than dodging, and it's also a support style since you can totally use it along with another offensive style. Finally, when you realize that you are facing an overwhelming enemy like a boss or monster and you have some space, you can use Gunslinger as it allows you to use all of Dante's deadly ranged weapons including Dr. Faust, Ebony & Ivory, Coyote-A or even the devastating Kalina Ann. Using these types of guns is especially effective against close-ranged enemies. It also proves itself when you have to clear a bunch of crowded weaker enemies before destroying the stronger ones with Swordmaster.

This time we also witness Dante's re-encounter with one of his longtime sibling and opponent, Vergil. In the past, aficionados of the franchise always feel eager to see how these 2 interact throughout the series. Often time, we see their fierce rivalry as both of them all chased down the same goal in past entries. Given that they now face to face again, it is extremely interesting to see how this contradictive relationship will turn out to be, especially for the veteran players of Devil May Cry.

Dante And Vergil
Dante and Vergil to face again.

Straightforwardly, the game still has some setbacks while we experience every story and feeling of Dante. It has something to do with how the cutscenes work. Though being heartening or touching, these cutscenes are pretty easy to be ruined. If you accidentally press something while they are being shown, the game will decide that you don't want to see that scene and subsequently skip it. And no, there is no pause option so you can stop for a minute to enjoy the precious moment. What about screen capturing? Screw it, you won't be able to do it also. Basically, every button is the same, acting like a cancel key during cutscenes. It is said that such moments like the mentioned one in which Dante accepts Nico's gift, are so fragile. If you unluckily cancel the cutscene, you can only play the mission again to watch it properly.

To put it plainly, Dante is incredible. Devil May Cry 5 allows us to witness and admire all of his honorable and humanitarian aspects. We can respect his dignity, value his sense of humor, and appreciate all the great fighting styles and abilities the game grants him. It is a big win for Devil May Cry 5 to be so nice to him.

Check out the peak of Dante's incredible styling potential: