Me and Devil May Cry 5

Since the revelation of DMC5 in the E3 of last year, I have been totally sold for this game. Everything about DMC 5 seems to belong to my jam so since that revelation, I have been looking forward to the release of this game. But there was one tiny problem is that I have never played any DMC game before until that moment.

Devil May Cry 5 Is Easy For The Newcomers To Join
Amazing graphics

In the last few months of last year, I have been telling myself to try all the other entries in DMC universe - before they release the 5th game. But you know, I failed this task miserably giving the fact that I have actually purchased all the games. In the end, I only got through a little bit of the original game at my family gathering on Christmas.

Then time flew so fast, the release of DMC 5 came right around the corner and my desire for this game is so high that I want to dive in it first, left aside the fact that I still have a huge pill of older titles to go through. After a short inner debating on I should or should not hold off, I decided to go forward with DMC 5. After beating the game I found out that was the right decision because this entry is quite accessible for a newcomer like me.

DMC 5 is an accessible game

Devil May Cry 5

After my experience with the game, I could comfortably say that the main thing that makes the game easy on newcomer is that the main storyline is not overly complicated. Summarize the story is easy enough V, Nero and Dante are on the mission to take down Urizen the demon before he gets too powerful. Eventhough, in the storyline, there are many other twists and turns the core remains simple and straightforward. Because of that, we don't need knowledge from a previous game to understand this game.

I also need to mention the video that the developers have put in the main menu of DMC 5 to help us caught up with Dante's story so far. By the way, this is a pretty quick and details packed video. In my opinion, this video could come very handy to provide some quick details especially for the player who wasn't familiar with Devil May Cry 4 and 3. Because the stories in those game are really the background for DMC 5. In my case, the video has helped me to get the baseline and give me the idea on who is the character that I am not familiar with.

Those callback moments

The whole experience of me with DMC 5 was amazing, but still, there is 1 down point I didn't understand as a newcomer in the game. That point is the close relationships between certain characters in the game. In some moments in Devil May Cry 5, the characters seem to call back to some details on previous games and that left me to wonder. Those moments usually involves Nero since he often referred to other characters who are not in DMC 5. But still, it wasn't very hard to link all the pieces together like Nero's girlfriend is Kyrie.

Devil May Cry 5 Is Easy For The Newcomers To Join
Fun combat

I think that in case I have played through the previous titles I would appreciate those callbacks moments more. But still, even though I didn't, I don't feel any great loss of my experience in DMC 5.

After my first contact with the DMC franchise through Devil May Cry 5, I realize that I still want to go back and play through all of those other entries of DMC. Despite that I have gone through the latest installment, still, I would love to go back and beat DmC: Devil May Cry, DMC3 and 4 later on. Just like me, if you found out that you love DMC 5, feel free to backtrack and revisit those previous games. Try them in any order that you want, it doesn't matter at all as long as you have fun.

In case you are still hesitant about all jumping cold feet into this series like I used to be, I have an advice for you, leap into DMC 5. There might be some instances you wouldn't understand about those callbacks but it wouldn't matter because the combat is fun, the graphic is amazing, and the story is easy to understand. You will enjoy this game as your first game in DMC series for sure!