A year ago, Square Enix suddenly announced that they would limit their concentration down to their main series and studios. This implied that the Hitman series and its developer would no longer be a part of them. Hitman 2 was at that point being developed when this was announced, which made the fate of the series and its developer become unstable. IO Interactive eventually worked out pretty well and managed to keep the Hitman copyrights. In the end, IO collaborated with Warner Bros. on the upcoming Hitman 2.

Eskil Mohl, associate director of the studio recently shared many details about this hard time. IO needed to make various cutbacks as a major aspect of the arrangement. While the situation was troublesome, Mohl said somehow it made the group that remained turn out to be additionally bound together and headed to improve Hitman 2.

According to Mohl, it was such a "miracle" that they finally went through it, though it also took a lot of time to ultimately cooperate with Warner Bros.

The development of Hitman 2 was in progress when the "break-up" happened

According to Mohl, when Square Enix abandoned IO and their notorious franchise, they felt kind of desperate.

But what really disturbed him a lot was the employment cut, as we will mention below.

In the process, they had to let a big part of the developing team go. But somehow, that made the remaining of the team become closer and more dedicated to keeping working on the game. As Mohl has said, it was not easy on them but the team quickly dealt with it and became pretty confident that they could accomplish the task.

What's more, in regards to IO's new collaboration with Warner Bros., he stated that it went on quite well. Likewise, Square Enix was not too harsh amid the separation.

Hitman 2 will be released on November 13th, compatible on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Sean Bean, the "most unfortunate guy" in the movies will show up as a target in the game.

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