The latest Star Wars game: Jedi - Fallen Order is finally here and we’ve got a lot to cover. This article will bring you key information about the game as revealed at Chicago’ Star Wars Celebration.

The storyline

Prior leaks were there but our only focus now is on EA official trailer. It shows the world in which we’ll be exploring as well as the characters we'll be playing as. Moreover, this is the first Star Wars game from Respawn and everything is in-engine footage, which is pretty nice as we can tell. Here’s the story trailer that you must or must have watched.

Release date

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has an official release date on Nov 15th this year on consoles and PC. There’re two editions available to pre-order on Origin at the moment: the standard one and the deluxe one. Get the latter for more cosmetic DLC, behind-the-scenes contents and features.

A follow-up story after Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Cal Kestis, the main character of Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal Kestis, by Cameron Monaghan, is the star of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, being a young force user as well as a budding Jedi. The guy survived Order 66’ initial massacre but is on the run until forced to use his force powers. Cal is being hunted by the Second Sister, another Imperial Inquisitor with a mission to hunt down Jedi.

In a press release, we knew that Cal will appear on a new world in the Star Wars universe: Bracca. From there, Cal will meet many characters on his way from the Empire, including Cere, a "mysterious companion" and BD-1, a little droid partner.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Cere was once a Jedi Knight, we just don’t know was it before or after Order 66.

Furthermore, Purge Troopers will also be hunting Cal. Purge Troopers are the earlier version of Rogue One’ Dark Troopers. However, they’ll be using shock sticks in combats like in Clone Wars, evidently.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Footage of Purge Trooper, holding their shock sticks

Stig Asmussen directed Jedi: Fallen Order. The guy believed that fans of Star Wars are particularly interested in the dark times and that led them to explore such a mysterious and dangerous period. Lucasfilm was very helpful towards exploring and developing this time period, he continued.

All in all, the key takeaway is that they’ve created an intense and thoughtful game that features fun lightsaber melee combat and Force powers usage. Any fans of Star Wars will have their Jedi fantasy fulfilled and satisfied, he assured.

Heavy melee gameplay

Respawn loves lightsaber battles! "Players will master their Jedi training and create distinct melee combinations using an innovative combat system alongside Force abilities. Traversal is available to overcome opponents strategically as well as to solve puzzles along the galaxy-spanning adventure."

Cal won’t be the only one to grow, your lightsaber will too! Our guess is that you can transfer kyber crystals like in Force Unleashed games and customize your look & powers.

“Combat, exploration & puzzle-solving” features

We got much more information about Fallen Order from the product description than in the Celebration. First things first, Respawn confirmed that Fallen Order is not an open world game! However, you get to decide where and when to go next. Also, you can explore Force powers in many other ways. Expect various kinds of challenges, from combat, exploration to puzzle-solving ones.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Despite not being an open world game, Jedi: Fallen Order will bring you many exciting features regarding combat, exploration and puzzle-solving.

Single-player, no multiplayer/DLC/micro-transactions

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be a single player game with no multiplayer aspects. According to producer Blair Brown on Twitter, it also features no micro-transactions at all, which would put a smile on many gamer’ faces.

Chris Avellone was the one to work on KOTOR 2 and now on Fallen Order, story-wise. Meanwhile, Stig Asmussen is the director of the game, who previously worked on multiple God of War projects. To many Star Wars fans, this can only be good things coming in the future