It has been quite some time since released, but not until now is Rend fully launched on stream. To those who are not familiar with it, Rend is a game where competitive survival is combined with epic and fantasy adventures. Having the famous Nordic myth universe as an inspiration, the whole game is a domain full of harshness where the mighty ascends as powerful gods. You can either play as one of the three rivals in the Faction War mode, or you can play on your own with Classic as well as Exploration ones. In the latter modes, you can construct your stronghold, restrain wild animals and, of course, conquer your enemies.

Players can join together to experience how treacherous the landscapes of Rend are. You can also discover many mighty artifacts and valuable resources. As the game has an assorted talent tree as well as skill systems, you are free to decide the way you want to play as well as your fighting style. You will receive meta progression and also rewards throughout gameplay when you ascend to legendary heights as heroes.



Now, after about 9 months in Early Access, it is officially and fully released. Frostkeep Studios has updated many new game patches and also important content to Rend during those 9 months. You can check the new trailer right below, which is for celebrating the release, for more information.

Jeremy Wood, co-founder as well as CEO of the game’s studio - Frostkeep - said: “We said from the beginning we would remove the Early Access tag from Rend within a year of hitting Steam,”. He later added that they had introduced Rend as a game that had been fully developed.

You could experience it with room for advancement and growth so they could work along with players in order to determine what was the best evolution and direction possible for that game. The final version of the game was the direct result of that invaluable feedback and they couldn’t feel more grateful towards the support they got from their players, partners as well as a community throughout the whole process of development.