When Neetpia released Gensokyo Defenders on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch last year, it had found a pretty high spot among gamers. Its gameplay which is a mix of tower defense and shooter was considered to be highly addictive. Along with the awesome troupe of characters, great soundtrack, and the balanced progression system propelled it to one of the better games on these platforms in 2018. Despite some short-comings, Gensokyo Defenders has proven its worth.


Now it is eyeing on bringing its fun to a new platform and a new group of audience altogether: PC. The game has been starred in the ‘Upcoming Games’ section on Steam. If that is not a sign for PC gamers that they can finally get to experience the doujin game, I don’t know what else is.

Gensokyo Defenders

But if this is the first time that you have ever heard of the game and is interested, here are the basics. You are given the control over 30 different characters from Touhou Project - the popular Japanese video game series this game is based on. The top-down, twin-stick shooter style is pretty familiar for most console gamers and you will be used to it in no time. Aside from the shoot-em-up style, the game also has a tower defense mechanic.

The gameplay of Gensokyo Defenders.

Of course, out of the 30 characters that you can take control of, they have different abilities that can prove useful to you in the course of the battle. Most of which are similar to their abilities in the original Touhou Project. If you’re entirely unfamiliar with the series, don’t worry, the tutorials or the time-tested method of trial and error will show you just the character you are best at.

Arriving In A Couple Days to PC

Now, back to the game’s affair. Gensokyo Defenders by itself isn’t the only thing that’s coming. A DLC under the name Gensokyo Defenders Plus will also be made available. With the DLC came three new characters for you to choose from: Yukari Yakumo, Toyosatomimi no Miko, and Byakuren Hijiri. All of the new things, including details and stages, can be accessible after you have beaten Cirno’s story.

Gensokyo Defenders is already available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4. If you’re a PC player hoping to have your hands on the PC version, you will have to wait until April 24th, 2019 (Not so long from now). The DLC Gensokyo Defenders Plus will be available alongside with the game.