Originated from the 1960s, Minesweeper is sure to be the childhood memories of many people and still be played now in 2019. This game is simply to play, yet it requires you to be really good at calculation to with a match (of course, we are not talking about the easy mode of the game). Because Minesweeper has been released so long, there have been various updated or modified versions of the game.

Og Image
The classic Minesweeper

Nevertheless, all of those update version of Minesweeper make us feel that it lacks something crucial to be called a proper update of the classic game. Over time, people start to admit that it is quite challenging to turn this classic and simple game into something sexy.

That may be true for other game developers, not Google. Just recently, Google seems to have pulled it off with a new version of the game that makes you feel that one click you are safe, another click and you are gone. Plus, Google has a pretty catchy name for it: Proxx.

Proxx - the remake version of Minesweeper by Google

Google didn’t simply invest its time and resources to renovate the classic game from Window 3-1 era into an up-to-date version which has impressive animation and graphics. The brilliance of Proxx is that basically, this game is an open-source game, so it can work on everything, ranging from your PC, your smartphone, even yourT9 mobile phone can run it (that phone might be in a drawer with more than one layer of dust on it). Moreover, this 100KB game only requires 18KB download and renders at a stable frame rate of 60.

Screenshot 1
The main menu of Proxx on PC

You can quickly start playing this game by visiting the website of Proxx and choose the difficulty. Besides three basic levels (which are easy, medium and hard), the players can also customize their “battlefield” by selecting the size and the number of black holes – which is similar to “Mine” in the classic Minesweeper- and start playing.

Here’s some quick instruction just in case you have been in a cave for more than last 40 years. You click on a square. You will lose if it’s a black hole/mine. You will be safe if it’s not and will clear the square and the surrounding ones which have no mines around. There will be square with numbers indicating the number of black holes surrounding it which can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally directed.

Screenshot 2
This is just like Minesweeper, but much more cooler and sexier

You can place a “flag” on the square which you think is a black hole (for browser user, right-click to mark “flag” on mines). By flagging the black holes, you will not, by accident, misclick on it when returning to clear the black holes. Also, you can easily track the number of black holes swept and what is likely or not mine. Only when you successfully sweep all the black holes and open all the safe square will you win the game. The game may sound very simple, but it’s not easy to win. Eventually, Proxx is a version of Minesweeper, so the frustration is definitely not lessened.

Screenshot 3
And now you died, let's start again