The private beta version of The Division 2 was closed last weekend and there has already been official information on the launch date of the open beta. According to Ubisoft, this version will be available on all platforms starting from the first of March and close on the 4th of the same month.

The open beta will be out soon

It seems like the private and public versions will share the same kind of content. What you may expect to have next month are some initial and one endgame campaigns, a first look at the game’s Dark Zone, and three end game specializations. The company did reveal that they will make public some more details when the releasing date draws near.

The Division 2 tells the story that happens 7 months after the incidents in its predecessor, which debuted in March 2016. The common thread still reflects the attempt of Americans to get over the lethal kind of virus, if the first game is set against the background of New York in winter, the second game occurs in D.C in summer.

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The Division 2 will happen in D.C

Ubisoft is putting in more effort to differentiate The Division 2 from its brother. It does this by creating and squeezing in more features. And next month, the company will be showing its entire attempt to the public to try out.

In one of its announcements lately, Ubisoft said that the new franchise was the result of feedbacks gained from the public. The Division 2 would promise a seamless and naturally flowing campaign that will eventually take players to a satisfying endgame.

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What Ubisoft aims at is a smooth flow to the endgame

That sounds like a kind of experience that is worth waiting for and if Ubisoft’s creation lives up to that promise, it will have at hand a vital selling point to secure its place against titles like Destiny 2, Anthem, and Warframe. The rule of thumb here is the winner is the one that makes its devoted fans happy.