The popular PC/consoles game - Tom Clancy's The Division is coming to the mobile platform. Ubisoft has officially announced the title, which is currently under development. The Division universe is now truly reaching new heights! Here's what we know about Division Mobile so far.

Tom Clancys The Division
Ubisoft seeks to expand the Division universe.

Ubisoft Expands The Division Universe with A Mobile Game

The developer Ubisoft made an announcement in a website update regarding the other Division games and a new title for PC, console, and cloud.

“The Division will also be coming to mobile platforms for the very first time, bringing the universe to an even wider audience. We’ll have more details on this exciting project at a later date.”, the post said.

With this announcement, Tom Clancy will officially compete with other new games 2021 for Android and iOS to claim its pie in the mobile gaming market.

Ubisoft's Plan After Tom Clancy’s The Division Mobile Game

It seems like the move towards the mobile platform is just one of the many steps Ubisoft has in mind. The company draws quite an ambitious plan, including a Netflix film, and a novel. So, we will soon have another game-based series on Netflix, after League of Legends' Arcane.

The Division Mobile
Ubisoft has a very ambitious plan in mind!

Tom Clancy’s The Division Mobile Game proves once more that mobile gaming is the future. Over the last few years, various PC and consoles titles have made their claims of this booming market. We've seen giants such as EA’s Apex Legends mobile version, Battlefield, and Valorant already making massive progress.

About Tom Clancy’s The Division

For those who don't know yet. the Division games are online action RPGs set in the future. In that world, a pandemic has gone viral and wreaked havoc. The PC/consoles version of the game received a lot of praise from critics. Hopefully, the same experience will come in this mobile version.

Heartland Ubisoft
Heartland is also another Ubisoft's game to come.

All that being said, we haven't had any information on the release date of The Division mobile game. Ubisoft has yet to reveal further details but promised to do so very soon.

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