Over the years, League of Legends has claimed its rightful throne in the world's gaming scene, and maybe even further. The game not only engages in the MOBA gameplay but also reaches out to producing music videos and other products. In 2019, the publisher Riot Games announced its first-ever League of Legends Anime Series - Arcane. In case you haven't been up-to-date about it, here's everything you need to know!

Announcement For League Of Legends Anime Series

There is no denying Riot Games' incredible talent in producing non-game products. We know that may sound like crazy talk to you: a game producer makes non-game products? But it's true. In fact, their products, like music videos and cinematics are so good that fans could not seem to get enough.

Of course, all of the products above tie into Riot Games' main title - League of Legends. Put all the funny jokes and comments aside, we can clearly see that these non-game productions really help to promote the game to a broader audience.

And to celebrate its 10-year run in the MOBA scene, Riot Games announced its first-ever League of Legends Anime Series - Arcane. The studio also confirmed that this project came from fans' requests, who had been asking for it for years!

Arcane Netflix Series Lol
Riot Games planned to release the series in 2020 but canceled due to the pandemic.

“Arcane was created as a love letter to our players and fans, who have been asking us for more cinematic experiences that dive deeper into the worlds and champions in League of Legends", Shauna Spenley, Riot Game’s Global President of Entertainment.

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Storyline of Arcane

So far, Riot Games have only dropped but a few trailers about its upcoming animated series. But they are more than enough for us to get a glimpse of what to come.

If you're a fan of the game, you will easily notice the two main characters of the new series. Of course, they are also champions in the Fields of Justice. The main storyline will follow Jinx - the Loose Cannon and Vi - the Piltover Enforcer.

Lol Anime Arcane Piltover
The series will take place in the League of Legends universe.

The League of Legends anime trailer shows the two characters as close friends, but will soon stand on two opposite sides of a fight. Therefore, we can expect it to be about the very origins of two of the most adored champions in the entire game.

Also, Arcane will take place in the League of Legends universe as well. However, it's likely to include only several champions from Piltover and Zaun, including the two main characters.

Debut On Netflix

Just a few days ago, Riot Games made an announcement about the premiere of the new animated series. According to the company, the League of Legends anime opening will be Netflix-exclusive.

Speaking of the series, Dominique Bazay, Director, Original Animation for Netflix, said "The series promises to be a visually spectacular thrill ride that will have viewers on the edge of their seats." 

Explaining the decision, Shauna Spenley, Riot Game’s Global President of Entertainment credited Netflix's "incredible global brand and shared goal of delivering premium, high-quality content". She, on behalf of the company, thinks the movie-streaming platform will be the perfect vessel to bring Arcane to fans around the world.

Lol Arcane Jinx Kid
Follow the origin story of Jinx and Vi

Netflix seems to be attracting quite some attention from gaming companies who are looking to enter the movie scenes. Back in February, it dropped the trailer for Dota: Dragon’s Blood, an animated series inspired by Valve’s multiplayer online battle game DOTA 2. And let's not forget other game-based series such as Castlevania, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Cuphead, and Assassin’s Creed.

Release Date

So far, we have not received any confirmation about when exactly will the League of Legends anime series is released. All we know is that it will come in this fall. And if things go according to Riot Games' tradition, details will be kept until the last minute for the element of surprise.

Lol Arcane Netflix Vi
The series will make its debut on Netflix.

On top of that, we don't know whether there will be any League Of Legends anime skins. This does seem like a good opportunity for Riot Games to drop some new outfits for the champions in the series. They have done the same with the fictional music groups: K/DA and True Damage.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about the new League Of Legends Anime Series - Arcane in one article. If you want to find out more about gaming and related information, hop right over to our website at GuruGamer.com.

Arcane Netflix Release Zaun
Arcane marks Riot Games' first entry into the movie scene.

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