The Game Awards, the biggest Gala event for the video game industry, has just ended. In the event, various prizes have been awarded for the best and greatest games of the year 2019 – and along with it, multiple amazing reveals. In this post, we will list out everything that was revealed during the event. There was no big reveal for the blockbuster franchises like Dragon Age or Mass Effects, however.

Firstly, we will talk about the award winners.

De Header 2019 1920x812
Disco Elysium, the star of this year's The Game Awards

Disco Elysium pretty much surprised everyone with four awards in various categories, surpassed Death Stranding, which has only three. The Game Awards’ crowd of judges usually are very biased toward Kojima’s works – the fact that Disco Elysium managed to beat Death Stranding in various categories speaks volumes about how good the game actually is. However, both of those weren’t selected for the top spot, Game Of The Year.

G2 Esports 15671643491171650315856
The Esports Team of the Year is Team G2

In the Esports category of awards, League of Legends pretty much cleared out the whole thing, with G2 won Esports Team, World 2019 won Esports Event, and the game itself won Esports Game of the Year.

The individual award winners were Bugha from Fortnite for Esports Player, Sjokz from League for Esports Host, and Zonic from Counter-Strike for Esports Coach. Shroud get Content Creator of the Year.

List of all categories and nominations

Next are the awards for games. 2019’s Game of the Year is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, developed by From Software and published by Activision. It also won the Action-Adventure category. Disco Elysium has the most awards today, with 4 wins on Fresh Indie Game, RPG, Independent Game and Narrative. Trailing behind is Death Stranding, with 3 wins on Mads Mikkelsen’s performance, Sound - Music, and Direction.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Video Game 4k Td
Sekiro is a strange twist to the usual Dark Souls formula

Other notable games also earned an award in each of their expected categories, DMC V won Action Game, Luigi’s Mansion 3 got Family Game, Fire Emblem: 3 Houses got Strategy Game. Crash Team Racing and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got Sports/Racing and Fighting.

At least Death Stranding did not get any awards that actually matters

Of the less relevant categories, Apex Legends got Multiplayer Game, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got Ongoing Game and Audio Design. Destiny 2 got Community Support and Beat Saber won VR/AR.

Devil May Cry V is truly the best Action game of 2019, with excellent reviews all across the board

It is rather a surprise that Control and Gris only won one award each - Art Direction and Games for Impact respectively. They were rather hyped right before the event, however, it looks like that did not come to pass.

Call of Duty Mobile won the Mobile Game of the Year. It is rather deserved, as the game has scored over 170 million downloads since October.

The second part of the list

Secondly, let's discuss the Xbox Series X reveal - it is more or less a surprise that Microsoft decided to announce their next generation of console


The next Xbox console is going to be named Xbox Series X. The thing looks like a slightly smaller PC case and it would be released later next year. According to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox Development, the new console would have unparalleled speed, performance, and capability. With that specs, the device would definitely be the leader of the future development of Gaming.

Microsoft's 15 studios are working on various exclusives for the system, as exclusives have always been the weakness of the Xbox in the Console Wars. The first of those to be revealed is Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. Microsoft has been pushing the Xbox - PC integration as of late, as Xbox exclusives are coming to Steam and Windows 10 Store, so there is definitely a chance for the upcoming exclusives to be released on PC as well.

As the console systems are getting stronger, you can expect those games to be optimized for middle to higher-end systems instead of the current 30-60 fps.

Lastly, we would list out some of the most notable games that were revealed during today's show.

Firstly, a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake with Sephiroth. The part about PS4’s 1-year exclusivity has already been revealed during Sony’s State of Play event some time ago. We would be able to play it on PC in one year from its PS4 release date, in the best-case scenario.

Following FF7 reveal, we get Godfall. It is an action fantasy RPG made by Gearbox and Counterplay – coming exclusively to PC on the Epic Games Store next year. Described by the developer as a looter-slasher, it is likely that Godfall would be like a gunless version of Borderland.

The first two titles from the League of Legends universe are revealed. The first one, Ruined King, would be a turn-based RPG while the second game, CONV/RGENCE, is a platformer.

No release dates were announced for both games, however.

Next, we got Gears Tactics, a turn-based strategy set in the Gears universe. It is pretty much an XCOM clone, however, it doesn’t look nearly as good.

Here's the teaser for the next game from PUBG’s developer, PlayerUnknown. Hardly anything was revealed about the game except that it is going to be a story-based first-person shooter.

The final noteworthy reveal is probably The Wolf Among Us 2, made by the former Telltale squad, AdHoc Studio. As Telltale Studio is dead at the moment, this reveals pretty much came out of nowhere.

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