Last week, Epic Games Store appeared to be highly busy for news due to its recent announcement about Epic acquiring Psyonix - the developer of Rocket League. Along with that, this vehicular soccer game is becoming available some time later this year. Furthermore, Epic will keep on challenging Steam by offering free games every two weeks, including past freebies like acclaimed titles such as Oxenfree, Subnautica, What Remains of Edith Finch and The Witness.

Using balls of Goo to construct many different buildings and structures

Currently, the latest giveaway from Epic is here: World of Goo which will replace Transistor to be the newest free PC game. Up until the 16th of May, you can get this game and keep it as your own. If you haven't got an account on Epic, you just need to create one, without paying any fee, of course. It would take you about 30 seconds to do it, but it's totally worth every second you spend since there has already been a track record established by Epic which offers some amazing games for free.

World of Goo - a puzzle game is considered to be physics-based and award-winning. The game includes building towers, bridges, as well as other structures so as to navigate a variety of levels. You will be using goo balls as building tools during the game. There are also a few different kinds of goo each owns unique abilities. You can also find a sandbox area for multiplayer where players all over the world have the chance to compete against one another in building the tallest goo towers or completing other challenges.

Many different kinds of Goo balls have their own unique features

The game was initially released on PC more than 10 years ago; however, it just got its very first update (which is likely the preparation for this giveaway event of Epic). The update is almost entirely a fully remastered version of this game which included enhanced frame rate as well as HD resolution, and also 16:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, this can be the best occasion to grab this somewhat classic (and greatly silly) game.

Provided, unfortunately World of Goo is not something that you are into, hang on there a bit, as another freebie is coming later this May. The next PC giveaway from Epic would be Stories Untold including a genre-combining anthology of innovative and mysterious story-driven games. You may be able to find the game on Epic Store starting from the 16th of May.