Pornhub – one of the biggest pornography websites in the world – just released a result for most searched video games titles in their site since the beginning of 2019 till now. And the names provided by Pornhub my surprise you.

The video game has been searched the most in 2019 is Apex Legends. Seemingly, the actions of the game are not enough to entertain the fans, so they need better sources of entertainment to “level up their game.”

Apex Legends Porn Search Chart
Apex Legends porn search chart on Pornhub

This statistics by Pornhub has included both direct searches for the name of the games and the searches for features in the games, like names of characters. With that way to count, Apex Legends is the most searched video games on Pornhub in 2019 so far,

Since the game’s release date, there have been over 2.3 million searches for the game Apex Legends on Pornhub, taking the number one spot of the year so far. The searches for this video game featuring the searches for characters like Wraith, Lifeline, Mirage, and Pathfinder (yes, we know, some people’s fetishes are really weird)

Apex Legends Pathfinder Character Min
Pathfinder is searched on Pornhub quite a lot, although he is just a robot

Apex Legends isn't the only popular game searched a lot on Pornhub. There are many AAA game titles released in 2019 as well. With that said, the second most searched game on Pornhub in 2019 is Resident Evil. This famous game franchise had a new episode in January - the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Resident Evil 2 Porn Watchers
Resident Evil porn search chart on Pornhub

With this release of Resident Evil 2 remake, Pornhub announces more than over 2 million searches for this franchise so far in 2019. The searches for this game include a lot of familiar character names like Leon, Ada, and Claire from the remake version.

Another interesting porn search statistics are for the game Metro Exodus. The searches for this game title on Pornhub witnessed the highest rise among all games (although it is not the most searched game on this pornography website)

Metro Exodus Porn Search Chart
Metro Exodus porn search chart on Pornhub