It seems that the studio behind the award-winning adventure game 'Life is Strange' - Dontnod Entertainment - is never scared of tackling 'sensitive' ideas and contents for their game, as their upcoming video game project 'Tell Me Why' will focus on another aspect of the LGBT community, this time is about a transgender person.

Announced on the stage of Microsoft's X019 event, 'Tell Me Why' is Dontnod's next episodic adventure game project. The game revolves around the twin sibling Tyler and Alyson Ronan, and tell the story of their upbringing in an Alaskan town. But to make things more special, Tyler Ronan is a transgender man.

You can take a look at the announcement trailer on the video below:

When playing the game, you will be led through the childhood of the siblings, via the eyes of both Tyler and Alyson. This way of storytelling gives players more perspective on the story's events and even brought forth how the events impact the life of the two characters. According to the developers, those recollections of the twins sometimes conflicted with each other, so you will have to decide which one to believe in - and these choices will end up deciding how strong the twins' bond is, as well as how their future turn out.

Tell Me Why Concept Image
Tell Me Why's Concept Image

To create a transgender person as the main character for this game, Dontnod has to prepare a lot, so that they can still find the balance within Tyler. Thanks to this, Tyler doesn't get defined entirely by his gender identity, so that he won't be "reduced to simplistic trans tropes." Along with that, Dontnod has consulted with GLAAD to ensure that they don't do this 'sensitive idea' in the wrong way, too.

Tell Me Why will feature three episodes, and it seems that all three episodes of the game will be released during 2020's summer season, on both Xbox One and PC.