"How far would you go to find your brother?" This is the question behind the story of Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2. Episode 4 is the penultimate episode of the game, which will bring the story of Life is Strange 2 to the climax point.

Life Is Strange
Life is Strange is a successful story-driven game franchise.

After Episode 3, Daniel is gone, leading to Sean trying to locate his lost brother. However, Sean himself is in a bad shape: he is under arrest after Episode 3, losing his brother and an eye - along with all of his confidence. With all the injuries, Sean will have to try his best to escape and find clues about his brother's whereabout.

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In this episode, Sean's journey to find his brother will lead him to the desert, the place with harsh environment condition. Also in this desert, there will be a bunch of difficult decision that you - the player - will have to make, in order to lead Sean through the story of the game. According to the developers, Episode 4 will have a length of around three hours, which is not too long for the penultimate episode of the game. Because of this, many fans of the game still have their doubt if this episode can set up the game for its grand conclusion. Meanwhile, Episode 5 - which is the final episode of the game, will be available on December 3rd.

Episode 4 is now available on Steam, and you can also buy the entire season of the game if you haven't play it yet.