We are all still being flooded with the new trailer of Death Stranding and tons of videos analyzing this 9-minute trailer. The game looks really impressive from the first trailer already, and our hope and hype are high really. But so far the game has only been confirmed for the PS4 console, and this kinda make PC gamers sad.

However, there has not been any official statements that this title will only be for the PlayStation console, and we have seen a lot of hints for a PC release of Death Stranding. With the new trailer of this game, Antonio Fucito – an Italian journalist – said that there would be a PC version of this game during a stream of his on Twitch. This game will be officially released on PS4 on November 8th, 2019, thus the PC version is expected to be released somewhere in 2020.

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It would be epic to see Death Stranding on both PC and PS4

Rewinding back on 2015, Kojima Productions and Sony said that the PC version for Death Stranding would be available after the PS4 version of the game. And at the beginning of 2019, Hideo Kojima left the question for a PC version of Death Stranding open.

Perhaps Antonio Fucito only made his statement based on the fact that there is no “Only on PS” label on the PS4 cover of the game. We recommend you not to put too much hope on the PC version of this game. Get yourself a PS4 when this game is released to experience the game in full.