We probably have all watched the newest trailer of Death Stranding. This 9-minute trailer has revealed us so much more information about this Hideo Kojima’s new game. However, it seems like Japanese fans have received more than the rest of the world from this trailer.

The version of Death Stranding’s new trailer shown in Japan has included some exclusive scenes, and these scenes did not show up in any other version of the trailer. These exclusive scenes are an incredible boss fight and one more scene of 2 characters: Emilia (stared by Lindsay Wagner) and Higgs (stared by Troy Baker).

Screenshot 3
The scene between

The exclusive boss fight scene was when Sam making his way out of the creatures in the tar. The international trailer of the game only showed that Sam crawled really hard to escape from something, but in the Japanese trailer this scene became an epic boss battle between Sam and a fearful creature jumping out the tar, trying to eat him. While Sam was shooting at this monster, it waved its tentacles (black tentacles to be exact), implying that this monster has a lot more to show off in the game.

The scene between Emilia and Higgs is after the boss fight scene. Higgs walked out from the dark and place his arms over Emilia. Emilia had golden masks on her face. Until now we can't be sure what the masks in this game would mean, since we have seen golden masks of Emilia and Higgs, and then we also have seen a black mask on Die Hardman character. We probably have to wait until the game release to fully understand it, because Hideo Kojima love to keep his fans on the hook.

Screenshot 4
Death Stranding looks to be great from trailer already. 

The extended scenes in the Japanese trailer of Death Stranding only last 25 seconds, but it also proved that our knowledge of this game is really limited. Hideo Kojima and Sony are really successful at marketing this game. It looks like we can keep our hope and expectation high for this game, which will be released in November this year.