Form the look of it then it seems like John Wick the grumpy assassin is gonna make a return to the Fortnite universe. Various leakers and data miners have all share pieces of information about the return of Keanu Reeves' character. Seems like there will be a bounty and a broody skin in Wick-inspired theme.

Maybe after all those dark and violent days then a trip to the colorful and cherry island of Fornite is just what the veteran assassin needs.

What will we get?

According to the Twitter account Lucas7Yosh, the new John Wick skin will come in two versions: One with a clean look, while in the other Wick is a little bit raggy, probably from all the fighting.

They Are Bringing John Wick Challenges And Skin To
You will have to complete challenges such as won games of Wick's Bounty or gathered 200 coins

Meanwhile, the Wick's bounty and other associated challenges, which we first reported last week, will give the players the mission to hunt down various enemies to get those precious golden coins. Once you have completed the challenges like winning games of Wick's Bounty or gathering 120 coins, then you will earn various rewards such as XP, mystery drop, and back bling.


The change following John Wick theme also lead to a map change, now there will be a house that looks like John Wick's house in the film on the island. Some data miners also talking about the possibility of Continental, the hotel for assassins, making its appearance on Fortnite map also.

An event to celebrate the third John Wick film

They Are Bringing John Wick Challenges And Skin To
John Wick 3 the film just hit theaters yesterday

Even though this is not the first time we have had a John Wick crossover in Fortnite, it still feels a bit odd. Fortnite is a lighthearted battle royale and a vengeful assassin film seems to not be a great fit for it. Anyway, that makes as much sense as chucking Thanos to an LTM.

John Wick 3 the film is just hit theatres yesterday so you could expect to see his appearance in Fortnite soon.