Fortnite Season 8 has come to an end and we’re moving toward a bright future. Season 9 has finally arrived on all platforms with this latest patch 9.0.0, bringing with it a new Battle Pass as well as several other changes. A new cinematic trailer for the new season is available. Check it out below:

The new Battle Pass still has a price of 950 V-bucks and features 100 exclusive rewards, including the Rox progressive Outfit and the Sentinel Outfit, which you’ll get immediately upon purchasing the Pass. Owning the Battle Pass also allows you to collect a series of computer chips called Fortbytes. If you manage to gather 100 of these, you’ll uncover a secret message about the Season and of course, earn a reward. Check out the Battle Pass trailer here:

In term of gameplay, patch 9.0.0 has removed the iconic Pump Shotgun from the game and replaced it with the Combat Shotgun. Several major changes have also been introduced to the map. Interestingly, a mansion has popped up in the Paradise Palms area, and it bears a striking resemblance to John Wick’s house.

Fortnite John Wick Mansion
The in-game mansion

To compare, here is a picture of John Wick’s house.

John Wicks House Irl
John Wick's house

Moreover, in the basement of this newly-added mansion, players can find a chest buried in a hole on the floor. This is likely a reference to John Wick’s secret stash, which is where he hides his weapons and a large sum of gold.

Fornite John Wick Chest
You can find a chest buried in the basement

Moreover, data miners have discovered some in-game files that seem to suggest that a limited-time mode might be coming in the near future. Intriguingly, the name “Wick’s Bounty” is mentioned a lot in these files.

Fortnite Data
Could we be having a new limited-time event related to John Wick?

Developer Epic Games has not made any confirmation or announcement at the moment, but it’s worth noting that the third John Wick movie, titled John Wick 3: Parabellum, is coming next week on May 17, which sync up almost perfectly with the new season of Fortnite. The game is also no stranger to collaborating with popular movies, with the most recent one being Avengers: Endgame.