A few days ago, we reported that Fortnite developer Epic Games was planning to have a crossover event with Avengers: Endgame. On the game’s official Twitter, the devs published a picture of a Fortnite character wielding Captain America’s shield with a caption that reads “Whatever it takes” and a date: April 25. Now, the date has come, and update v8.50 is now live in the game, bringing with it a new Avengers: Endgame game mode. Unlike the previous Marvel crossover where players could only play as Thanos, this time will be randomly divided into Team Thanos and Team Hero.

Fortnite Avengers Endgame A
Players will be divided into either Team Thanos or Team Hero

To keep up with the theme of the movie, if you’re put in Team Thanos, your task will be to collect the 6 Infinity Stones and kill the heroes. The first player of the team to find a stone will become Thanos. After that, every time a new stone is found, the player’s powers and the health of their teammates will increase.

On the other hand, the Hero team will get to fight using iconic weapons of the Avengers, including Captain America’s shield, Thor’s axe, Hawkeye’s bow, and more. Members of the team will also have a treasure map that directs them to a “Mythic Avengers item.” Naturally, their objective will be to destroy Thanos and his army.

Fortnite Avengers Endgame 1
Team Hero will be able to use iconic Avengers weapon

Players will keep respawning until one of the teams completes their mission. Moreover, regardless of which side you are on, the ending screen of the match will have a nice little detail to pay tribute to Marvel’s legendary writer and publisher Stan Lee, who passed away last November. With this, the word “Excelsior” will appear when you finish a match. For those who don’t know, “Excelsior” means “Ever Upward” in Latin, and the word was often used by Stan Lee as his personal motto.

Fortnite 04 25 2019 13 01 57 12 0
The word "Excelsior" will appear at the end of each match as a tribute to Stan Lee

There is currently no information on how long this crossover will last, but if past events are any indicator, then it will probably be only about a week or two.