Last week, a professional Fornite player named Damion "XXiF" Cook got banned from the $30 million Fortnite World Cup finals for cheating. After reviewing, Epic Games confirms XXiF and his group cheated during the tournament.

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XXiF and those who helped him in matches were banned from the Fortnite World Cup final.

XXiF is said to have cheated when he killed other opponents too easy. These actions can be confirmed through footages of the battle spread throughout the week.

Accordingly, people assume that XXiF has cooperated with other players to kill them easily. This is to help him qualify for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup Final in New York on July 26-28.

On Tuesday, XXiF responded with the allegation that he did not cheat. Although he knew two of the other players participated in the controversy, he was completely innocent.

Viewers and other gamers harshly condemned and accused XXiF of cheating during the competition. Today, Epic Games officially announced that the collusion between XXiF and other players actually took place on many matches.

XXiF has been accused cheating while playing by many people through social media.

Players present in this collusion all received a 14-day ban and were not allowed to participate in any Week  prizes. Surprisingly, this group has a player who has enough points to participate in the Fortnite World Cup final in New York.

Therefore, besides the ban and losing the right to receive prizes, this player will not be allowed to participate in the upcoming Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Rise Nation announced at the end of Friday that it would take XXiF and Ronaldotv to leave its Fortnite group.

XXiF's position will be replaced by the next highest ranked player on the waiting list in North America. Epic Games also said that during the tournament, 698 players were condemned for breaking the rules.