Coming from Respawn Entertainment is the new and amazing battle royale game - Apex Legends. This is a new game on the market but it has achieved many impressive numbers both in term of download numbers and viewership on Twitch. The game is not simply a standard battle royale game but is a game with many layers. You have many possible approaches in this game, carry on with stealthy mode and pick off your target one by one, or just jump in a 1vs3 guns blazing battle. No matter which approaches you chose, to improve your skills and gather wins after wins, you need a new way/ method.

This Is How You Win A Melee Combat In Apex Legends
Melle Combat in Apex Legends

But disclaimer ahead, RNG is sometimes your biggest opponent. You might be stacked up with thousands of kills and hundreds win under your belt. Even so, if you are unlucky enough to face off RNG nothing you could do then.

Melee combat?

I have seen in all the battle royale game that the situation is when you go into the battle but then couldn't find for yourself a gun. Because of that, you will have to wander around, check every corner of each room to find for yourself a gun in order to defend yourself. In fact, most of the time you will find something - not really amazing, but still it is something. In the case that your fortune is really bad then you must adapt, use your fists, melee your enemies to come out survival.

The jump kick

If you find yourself in that extremely unlucky situation, we will show you how to get the upper hand. The punch is the normal melee attack in Apex, then you could do much more than that. You could also do the jump kick and sliding kick, both have the damage rate of 30. Because of that, for example, to take down an opponent without the shield in the opening stage you will need to deal four hits of 30 damages.

Maybe it is only a small difference, but the jump kick has an advantage because it is faster than the sliding punch. This small difference will make a big change in a melee fight. So the trick to win is in melee combat in Apex Legends is jump and kick - quite simple!