Titles in Helldivers 2 help you stand out by showing your rank below your name at the bottom-left of the screen. They're also a way to show off how far you've progressed when you play with friends.

However, many new players need to learn how to unlock new titles or whether they already have new statuses to use in the game. Don’t worry, in this post, Gurugamer.com will show you all the titles in Helldivers 2 and how to get them.

All Titles in Helldivers 2

Currently, there are 23 titles available in Helldivers 2. This includes the default status you begin with and another exclusive to the Super Citizen Edition. Owners of the "Super" edition can immediately equip their shiny, gold "Super Citizen" status. The other titles unlock as you progress: every five levels up to level 50, and then at intervals of 10 levels after that.

Titles In Helldivers 2
Currently, there are 23 titles available in Helldivers 2.

Additionally, the introduction of Viper Commandos represents a significant development in the Warbonds system in Helldivers 2. You can now acquire new titles by purchasing Warbonds with Super Credits, the premium in-game currency obtainable through gameplay or real-world purchases. Notably, Warbonds do not have an expiration date, allowing players to focus on earning Super Credits through gameplay and investing in top-tier Warbonds at their discretion.

Below is a full list of all titles in Helldivers 2:

No. Titles/Statuses  Level required
1 Cadet 0
2 Space Cadet 5
3 Sergeant 10
4 Master Sergeant 15
5 Chief 20
6 Space Chief Prime 25
7 Death Captain 30
8 Marshal 35
9 Star Marshal 40
10 Admiral 45
11 Skull Admiral 50
12 Fleet Admiral 60
13 Admirable Admiral 70
14 Commander 80
15 Galactic Commander 90
16 Hell Commander 100
17 General 110
18 5-Star General 120
19 10-Star General 130
20 Private 140
21 Super Private 150
22 Super Citizen Own the Super Citizen Edition
23 Viper Commando Own the Viper Commandos Warbond

Max Level in Helldivers 2

With the release of Patch 01.000.200, the maximum level cap in Helldivers 2 is set at level 150, so you'll need to invest significant time in liberating planets to reach this milestone. However, the progression might feel somewhat underwhelming because most content like new weapons, stratagems, and armor is unlocked by around level 20. After that, the primary rewards are new titles until you reach level 150.

Note: Patch 01.000.200 incorporates all the XP you've earned up to level 50. If you were already maxed out before, update your game and you'll find yourself at a higher level. Your ongoing efforts to liberate the galaxy have been recognized.

How to Change Titles in Helldivers 2

To change your title in Helldivers 2, you can only do it on your ship. Interact with the Armory to access your character customization screen. From there, navigate to the Character tab and select "Title" at the bottom. Here, you'll see all the statuses you've unlocked. Pick the one you want and click "Equip" to display your new title to your teammates.

Please be aware that titles in Helldivers 2 are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. They are visible only to other players in your party, similar to when you rename your ship.

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