After Minecraft's 1.18 update, the entire mountain biome has been overhauled and upgraded. Now, in every world, we get enormous mountain ranges that touch the sky, making the Minecraft dimension looks much more epic than it ever did before.

Because of that, a lot of players want to start near or in a mountain biome. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best mountain biome seeds for Minecraft 1.19.

But not to forget, before going any of these seeds you should always validate your mouse clicking speed from to avoid dealing with any unwanted circumstances in a mid way of your journey.

1. The Ravine at Hilltop Meadow

  • Seed: 937937323

This is a fascinating and beautiful seed with quite a few spots for players to create a base. If you go north from spawn, you'll be met with a majestic Meadow Mountain that is hiding a ravine on the opposite side of spawn. If you go south, you'll instead find a jaw-dropping view from a Meadow positioned at the top of a mountain cliff.

Minecraft Seed Meadow Mountain June 2022 3
The Ravine at Hilltop Meadow

2. Cliffside mountains

  • Seed: -1820780390

Your spawn location puts you out in a flat area hosting a lush green valley filled with multiple Taiga and Birch trees. Players can move a few blocks away to find the edge of the cliff, which is right next to an ocean.

Cliffside Mountains
Cliffside mountains

Additionally, on top of this cliff, you’ll find numerous mountains erected from the ground. Some of these are even max-height mountains – going up to the highest point allowed in the game for world creation!

3. Stony mountains with Village

  • Seed: -494460667990824802

This seed spawns players right on top of a circular and stony mountain range that spans hundreds of blocks. The best part is that the center of the mountain biome is a small, lukewarm Ocean biome. This is fairly rare, allowing players a good source of water and various other resources for their builds.

Stony Mountains With Village
Stony mountains with Village

Additionally, a Plains Village generates right at the foot of this mountain, which allows players to loot various resources. There is also a forest biome right next to it as well.

4. Jagged peaks + ruined portal

  • Seed: 16000026

This seed spawns players right next to a 150 blocks tall jagged peak mountain biome, which is amazing for base building. There are also forests and plains around the mountain for gathering resources.

4eb6b 16755643229999 1920
Jagged peaks + ruined portal

The best part about this seed is that there is a ruined portal in the mountain, which allows players to explore the nether immediately. There are also enchanted gold armor items in its chest as well, which prevents piglins from attacking.

5. Frozen Ocean Mountains

  • Seed:  3165937538144613250

Although this Minecraft 1.19 seed does not have much to offer in terms of structures, it makes up for it in its scenery department. You’ll be spawned in a pretty normal-looking area featuring a couple of trees, some flat land, and a mountain at your side.

Frozen Ocean Mountains
Frozen Ocean Mountains

However, passing that mountain is a gigantic frozen ocean biome, which looks amazing. There is also a small crater formed at the end of the frozen ocean, which is perfect for base building.

6. Super tall and wide frozen peaks

  • Seed: 3180937131711060872

This seed contains a gigantic tall snowy mountain (with a frozen peak) around 135 blocks tall and 170 blocks wide. It is pretty much the perfect spot to create a late game base where players can fly around using an elytra.

400ea 16754953313036 1920
Super tall and wide frozen peaks

Additionally, there are also more tall snowy mountains close to it. A ruined portal spawns on the foot of the mountain, giving access to the nether.

7. Mountain Valley with a Lake

  • Seed: 434533485056755

Lake in middle of mountains, 3 villages, pillager outpost and almost all biomes right at spawn nearby. This biome is super picturesque, which would allow players to get a great start.

Mountain Valley with a Lake

8. Badlands Mountains with Woodland Mansion

  • Seed: 6970272819056372946

This seed starts you off in a flat area of a Badlands biome. All of its mountains are pretty large in size, with some of them even extending up to the maximum height.

Badlands Mountains With Woodland Mansion

The eastern side of your spawn area contains a mangrove swamp, which has a Woodland Mansion at its edge. Furthermore, this Woodland Mansion connects to one end with a Lukewarm Lake, which has a Plains Village at its other end.

9. Badlands and Stony Mountains

  • Seed: -1529207705

This seed contains Badlands mountains, which are some of the rarest variants in Minecraft. There are also several stony peaks next to it as well. At spawn, you’ll find yourself sandwiched in a valley located between max-height Stony Peaks and Badlands mountains.

Alternate Badlands And Stony Mountains
Badlands and Stony Mountains

On each of these mountains, you’ll find multiple mobs, exposed caves, and valuable loot. Additionally, there is also a pillager outpost near spawn.

10. Mountain Crater with mixed jungle

  • Seed: 2560990829508467737

Your starting location is a crater surrounded by mountains with a variety of trees in the center. You should be able to start the game with tons of wood, which can be useful. This crater is also filled to the brim with Bamboos and, naturally, the rare Panda mobs.

A Crater Full Of Colors
Mountain Crater with mixed jungle

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