Minecraft's latest snapshot 23w05a is finally out, bringing changes to the armor trim system and UI. This is all in preparation for the 1.20 update, scheduled to release sometime later this year.

Generally, the main feature of a snapshot such as armor trim is pretty much guaranteed to come out in the next patch, so players might as well try them now to get more familiar.

The biggest changes in 23w05a snapshot is the changes of the armor trim feature and the Create New World user experience.

Minecraft Armor Trims
Smithing template

To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

General Changes

  • Updated the Create New World screen
  • The enchantment glint has been further tweaked to be slower and less visible, but also have more contrast in some intervals
  • Interacting with armor or elytra items in-hand will now swap them with equipped gear


  • Changed how tooltips in the menu UI are positioned so buttons are still readable
  • Added two new options in the Accessibility menu for adjusting the speed and transparency of enchantment glints

Updated Create New World Screen

The screen is now organized into three tabs

  • The Game-Tab allows to set the world name, Gamemode, Difficultly and whether to allow cheats
  • The World-Tab allows to set the World-Type and Seed, and to toggle the generation of structures and the bonus chest
  • The More-Tab provides access to the Game Rules and DataPack Selection Screen

Removed the Import Settings button and the corresponding Export Settings button in the Edit World Screen

Experimental feature changes

Armor trims changes

Minecraft Armor Trims All
Armor trims are much more flexible now.
  • Armor trims can now be applied to leather armor
  • Armor can now have trims of the same material it is made out of - for example, a Golden Chestplate with a Golden Armor Trim is now possible.
  • The texture of the Dune armor trim has been tweaked so that the symbol on the chestplate is moved up a few pixels

Upgraded loot tables for smithing templates

  • The following common armor trims now always generate 2 templates in a chest when found: Dune, Coast, Wild, Sentry. This is to give new players a chance to understand that smithing templates are consumed when used.
  • Netherite Upgrade smithing templates have been made twice as common. This is to encourage players to explore more after finding the first Netherite upgrade template instead of just duplicating them with diamonds. Getting netherite gears is quite a bit trickier now compared to previously.
  • 1 Eye Armor Trim is now guaranteed in every Stronghold library chest so that even in the most unlucky worlds, this armor trim can still be found.
  • Woodland Mansions now have a greatly increased chance of generating the Vex Armor Trim smithing template. The reason for this is that Woodland mansions barely have any chests that utilize loot tables. This makes the armor trim too rare, which is not Mojang's intention. Finding a mansion should guaranteed a Vex Armor Trim now.
  • Across the board, smithing templates have been made slightly more common in order to encourage players to discover and explore more structures.

Notable Additions in Minecraft 1.20


Camels will only spawn in desert biomes naturally. They are going to be the largest ridable mob in the game - by riding it, you are pretty much immune from hostile mobs, even at night time. A tamed camel can carry two players at the same time - players can tame and breed them with cacti, creating a baby camel.

Minecraft Live Camel
The two-player feature will let one drive the camel while the other attacks from range.

Unlike horses, camels can't deal with complex terrains. They are much slower if you have to maneuver obstacles frequently. Fortunately, they also come with a special dash ability that gives them a burst of speed - this allows camels to cover flat areas such as the desert much faster. Players can jump over obstacles and even ravines with the dash boost.


The Sniffer will arrive with the 1.20 update. Apparently, they are an ancient mob that had become extinct in the Minecraft world. This means the mob won't spawn in the overworld and players have to spawn them by their eggs. Players can find the mob's eggs inside loot chests found in underwater ruins in the oceans. Looks like there will finally be a purpose for exploring the ocean ruins.

Imagen 2022 10 04 213016489
Sniffer in Minecraft

New Skins

In order to bring natural diversity and representation to the game, Minecraft has added 7 new default character skins. They will be featured in the upcoming 1.20 patch and used in future official videos and trailers.

Minecraft Newskins
Minecraft skins

Three of those new skins are Sunny, Efe, and Noor, who first debuted in trailers for Minecraft: The Wild Update. The other new skins are Makena, Kai, Ari, and Zuri. They'll all be available through the Minecraft Launcher and Dressing Room.

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