Island seeds are the favorite of quite a few Minecraft players. The limited nature of this starting location allowing players to put extra challenge on their playthrough and builds.

Additionally, islands are great place for themed buildings like castles and bases. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best Minecraft 1.19 island seeds to check out in 2023.

1. Twin Village Island

  • Seed: 6647031575022142850

This is an amazing island for starters. Players get access to 2 nearby villages and their resources, and on top of that, there is also an exposed mineshaft right next to the spawn point. If you want to start on an island but still get the various benefits from villages, picking this seed is a good idea.

Minecraft Seed Island Java August 2022
2 villages spawn very close to each other.

While there isn't a lot of variety nearby, you will still find the basic setup for an adventure in the area.

2. Multi-biome island

  • Seed: 5890542

This seed spawns players onto a large island of 2500 blocks in diameter. It would take quite awhile for players to travel from end to end. The best part about this island is the number of biomes spawned on it, alongside dozens of overworld structures. There are also outposts and villages all over the place.

Minecraft Seed Island June 2022 Bedrock
Players can start on the peninsula east of the giant island.

Additionally, there's also 5 ancient cities spawn under this island, which makes end game exploration a breeze.

3. Cliffside Island

  • Seed: 5834529665988435965

There’s a lot going on on this island. It’s filled with mushrooms, waterfalls, and lavafalls and it’s surrounded by a swamp on one side. Players can also find the rare amethyst geode on the side of the mountain as well.

Cliffside Island
The island is fairly well designed, suitable for a base.

However, there's barely any structure on this island. Players might need to venture quite a bit to reach the nearest village.

4. Small Mountain Island

  • Seed -433322459

This is a small mountain island shooting straight out of an Ocean biome in the middle of nowhere. This is the perfect biome for players who want to start an island survival adventure. There are several different varieties of trees present at the top of this mountainous Island, including Oak, Taiga, and Mushroom trees.

Colossus Island
This island is small but well designed.

The best part of the island, however, is the huge opening at the front leading to an exposed cave.

5. Old spruce Island

  • Seed: 5159061350103682597

This next river island is surrounded by mushroom forests and has a big old-growth spruce forest. It’s a perfect setting for fantasy roleplay. If you decide to venture farther, you’re going to find one shipwreck nearby as well as a couple of amethyst veins. When it comes to civilization, to trade with villagers you’re going to have to further up north until you reach the nearby savanna biome.

Old Spruce Island
It is not in the middle of the ocean so players would have an easier time exploring.

6. Hollow Island

  • Seed: -406272837565589926

This Hollow island has a giant hole on its side leading to its depth. Other than that there’s a single ocean ruin nearby as well a couple of mineshafts and ravines.

Hollow Island

Additionally, it is also a real score when it comes to amethyst ores.

7. Crater Mountain Island

  • Seed: 162712994

Massive would be an understatement for this island. It has just one village, which is quite well placed between a BIG massive crater. Players can use it is for resources and the chance to create the perfect home.

Minecraft Seed Island Bedrock April 2022
The island is well designed for building a town or city.

There are also plenty of treasures as well. Players can find more than 50 chests of buried treasure in this fantastic island spawn.

8. Shipwrecked Village Island

  • Seed -1632228719230462182

The Island is pretty small sized, which makes it very easy to find all the structures and explorable areas contained within it. It features a mix of beach and forest areas with a large number of trees growing at the center of the Island.

Shipwrecked Village Island
A good starting seed with a village and shipwreck

This is complemented by the Village you’ll find thriving on the far end of the Island. Opposite this Village, you’ll also find a Shipwreck structure perched on the beach. Both of these structures are extremely close to one another.

9. Snowy Plains Island

  • Seed: 4419775871458446239

This next seed is a group of islands situated in the middle of the frozen ocean, you spawn right next to the village overlooked by a majestic mountain.

Snowy Plains Island
This seed is similar to the previous village seed, but with a winter theme.

When it comes to exploration, there are plenty of mineshafts to explore, a single ruined temple nearby as well as a couple of treasure chests once you reach the beach overlooking the ocean. The area is rich in amethyst geodes as well as other ores. Plenty of ravines around so be prepared to get jumped by a skeleton or two.

10. Mushroom Island

  • Seed: 1990724784183343429

This is a fairly decent seed, which put players near a peaceful mushroom biome right next to an exposed underwater ruin. They can gather resources and prepare themselves for the voyage to the rare biome.

Bdfe7 16693855062010 1920
The Mushroom biome is pretty much the best biome in the game.

The biome in this seed will be massive, giving players plenty of space to explore.

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